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Maker: Nathaniel Klein, Middlebury College ’21

How did you find out about the makerspace?
Through the college’s Innovation Hub. We were looking for access to a CNC machine—the college’s machine wasn’t available during the pandemic.

Why do you enjoy coming to The Makery?
I love The Makery because I met many local residents. Especially with COVID-19, I felt separated from the town this year because many off-campus activities were cancelled. The Makery gave me opportunities to meet new people, use its incredible tools and shop space that I couldn’t afford myself or fit into my dorm room.

How did having access to The Makery’s equipment help with your business start-up?
It wouldn’t have been possible to start our business, Treeline Terrains, while a full-time student without help from The Makery. We didn’t have access to the right tools for prepping materials for the CNC machine. Among its state-of-the-art equipment, The Makery has a 24-inch planer and jointer which we needed to prep the wood for carving the TAM’s terrain*.

What project(s) have you worked on? 
This Spring I took a wooden spoon carving class where I learned the basics of whittling from green wood to a finished product.

Any advice to other entrepreneurs who might want to use The Makery? 
Starting a business is hard. You don’t have funding and you have to rely on others. The Makery can help beyond its physical space and equipment—its mentors are a fantastic community of creative and intelligent people who can help make valuable connections. It gives creative people a place to collaborate and inspire new ideas. Treeline Terrains started on the CNC in the college’s makerspace, but we wouldn’t have gotten the idea to turn this into a business without access to The Makery’s equipment.

*See story in the June 24, 2021 edition of the Addison Independent.

The Makery is a member-based Makerspace collaborative for people to imagine, experiment, network, collaborate and create for personal and professional growth. We operate within the Adult Education Department of Hannaford Career Center, utilizing its building and equipment to encourage technical and creative entrepreneurship in Addison County. Learn more at

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