Letter to the editor: Fair is taking COVID seriously

Dear Field Days Fairgoers,

Regarding last week’s article in this paper, I want to dispel the negative slant portrayed towards our COVID-19 thinking and preparations. I personally work for the Vermont Department of Health and have been entrenched in COVID response since the outset. I have listened to Dr. Levine in all our briefings to get specific information related to Vermont and fairs and brought that information to the Field Days board at every step we have taken in the process of opening Field Days this year. We have had many discussions around the best and safest ways to bring this event to the public and I feel we have instituted the necessary precautions to allow this to happen. I fully support the quotations from my fellow directors, but cannot agree with the attitude described by your reporter. We have considered carefully, followed the guidance of the Department of Health and our governor, and stand together to put on an event that is open to everyone’s comfort level providing an opportunity to see our neighbors and enjoy the events of Addison County Fair and Field Days.

As this paper stated, our employees, directors, superintendents, and contractors (including ride attendants) are all required to be vaccinated and that has been assured. There will be hand sanitizer in many additional locations on the grounds, there is running water and soap in all the restrooms. If you have been to Field Days, you know there is lots of room to view events. There are bleachers, but you don’t have to crowd onto them to see our events, there are lots of open spaces around each venue from where you can see. Our tents are large, our buildings are large, and every one is open on both ends to allow lots of ventilation. Lines are few, but social distancing in any line is allowed and your own choice. We promote our fair as an outdoor activity for all, with plenty of room for social distancing, plenty of activities so you can pick and choose to your comfort level, and masks are welcome anywhere. We will even have some if you forget! We are offering vaccine clinics, thanks to the Department of Health and Middlebury Regional EMS, every day, 10 a.m.– 6 p.m., if this is the opportunity you choose to get your vaccine.

I hope you feel comfortable visiting Addison County Field Days next week, Aug. 10-14, but if you are not comfortable, we respect your choice and hope to see you next year!


Brenda Deering


Field Days Director

P.S. The entire Field Days Board of Directors endorses this letter.

Diane Norris, Benj Deppman, Kathy Nisun, Cara Mullin, Leonard Barrett, Trish Foster, Megan Sutton, Mike Reed, Ken Button, Bruce Putnam and Jim Weening


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