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Have you explored the possibilities at the Makery?
Be inspired!

Maker: Anja Wrede, Cornwall

How long have you been using The Makery?
About 2 years and I’m here almost every week

How did you find out about the makerspace?
From a friend

Why do you enjoy coming to The Makery?
It gives me time away from home—I use the time to relax and spend time with other people. I think about what I can do in The Makery each week just so I can go. If I don’t have a woodworking project, I think about what I can do in the sewing lab.

What project(s) have you worked on?
I found a Vermont Garden Cart on the side of the road. Using The Makery’s space and with help from mentors, I’ve taken it apart, cut new panels for the bottom and sides to replace all the rotted wood. I’ve put it back together and painted it. It’s good as new!  I’ve used the lathe to replace the handle on a fry pan; I’ve made a toilet paper holder that teenage boys can’t tear off the wall.

Have you needed help from mentors?
Even though as a bicycle mechanic, I’m technically inclined I wouldn’t know how to use the machines if it weren’t for them. They’re here if you need them. It was a little intimidating in the beginning using unfamiliar equipment, but I can work pretty much independently now.

What would you say to people who might be interested in using The Makery? 
There’s no reason to be intimidated because there are skilled mentors to show you how to use the equipment properly and help you with a project no matter how big or small. The Makery is an undiscovered community asset and I’d miss it if it weren’t here.

The Makery is a member based Makerspace collaborative for people to imagine, experiment, network, collaborate and create for personal and professional growth. We operate within the Adult Education Department of Hannaford Career Center, utilizing its building and equipment to encourage technical and creative entrepreneurship in Addison County. Learn more at

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