Vergennes Police Log: Commercial trucks cited for speeding

VERGENNES — Vergennes police between June 21 and July 4 ticketed five commercial trucks for traveling between 14 and 20 mph over posted city speed limits.

Police issued most of those tickets while on targeted patrols, many of those on West Main Street. Police also issued three citations for various tractor-trailer-related violations.

Also during the period June 21 and July 4, Vergennes police conducted 16 directed patrols and four foot patrols, responded to one false alarm, performed a VIN inspection, helped two motorists enter their locked vehicles, and:

On June 21:

•  Checked on the welfare of a city resident reported to be possibly suicidal and decided there was no cause for concern.

•  Responded to New Haven Road, where one dog had attacked another. Police said an electronic collar failed, and they warned the dog owner.

On June 22, calmed a dispute between a mother and daughter at a Main Street apartment. Police said the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad took the mother, who was intoxicated, to Porter Hospital.

On June 23:

•  Began investigating the theft of cologne from Kinney Drug Store. Police later cited Andrew M. Coyle, 27, of Ferrisburgh, for retail theft.

•  Served an abuse-prevention order on a local resident.

•  Calmed a neighbor dispute on Walker Avenue. Police said one Walker Avenue resident in particular has become increasingly problematic.

•  Arranged for a motorist who backed into the Vergennes Union Elementary School sign to pay for the damage.

•  Looked into a report of a speeding vehicle on Sunset Drive. Police said they ran the plate number and spoke to the owner, who said his son was driving the car at the time and would deal with the issue.

On June 24:

•  Were told spare change had been stolen from a pickup truck parked on Victory Street.

•  Looked into a report of an allegedly confused elderly man walking in the South Maple Street area and determined there was no problem.

•  Spoke to a man who they were told had been following women on the city green and then had been disruptive by “screaming about Satan” at Shaw’s supermarket. Police did not find him on the green, but caught up to him after the latter incident and determined he was under the influence of edible drugs. They warned him about his behavior.

•  Looked into two reports about neglect of dogs at a Maple Manor residence and concluded they were probably unfounded.

•  Checked the welfare of a Walker Avenue resident, who was found to be OK.

•  Expunged eight cases on behalf of Addison Superior Court.

On June 25:

•  Issued a no-trespass order on behalf of a Walker Avenue resident.

•  Directed traffic during the nearly simultaneous breakdowns of two trucks, one on the Main Street hill leading up from the bridge and one on West Main Street.

•  At the same time, received help from Vermont State Police in calming a family fight at a Main Street apartment.

•  Looked into a report of gunshots on Panton Road, but could not find their source.

On June 26:

•  Went to Walker Avenue to help a woman laying on the ground, unresponsive after having reportedly felt suicidal. Police said the woman was very intoxicated, and the VARS connected her with the Counseling Service of Addison County.

•  Checked on the welfare of a Hillside Acres apartment resident, who was found to be OK.

On June 27, received a wallet that had been found on Main Street and returned it to its owner.

On June 28, dealt with a very intoxicated Walker Avenue resident, who was taken to Porter Hospital by Charlotte rescue after her blood-alcohol content (BAC) tested at about 0.27%, the legal limit for driving is 0.08.

On June 29:

•  Dealt with a minor, two-car accident downtown.

•  Responded to a complaint of vehicles blocking the Falls Park boat ramp, a problem that had cleared up by the time police arrived.

On June 30, calmed a Walker Avenue neighbor dispute.

On July 1:

•  Warned the sender of threatening text messages to stop sending them.

•  Checked the welfare of a Hillside Acres apartment resident. Police said she was OK, but they followed up with a call to Adult Protective Services to help ensure the resident’s long-term wellbeing.

•  Began investigating the theft of 23 checks from a Green Street resident, which police said had been written for about $3,850 since being stolen.

•  Started to respond to a request for help from a Walker Avenue resident, only to have the call canceled by the resident.

•  Helped VARS personnel enter an Armory Lane apartment so they could aid an elderly patient inside.

•  Helped a woman find overnight housing at the Charter House warming shelter in Middlebury.

•  Responded to a report of trash on West Main Street that was gone when they arrived.

•  Determined a chair reported stolen from an East Street home had been taken by a neighbor with dementia. It was returned to its owner.

On July 2, checked the security of a South Maple Street home after a resident reported hearing people outside; all was OK.

On July 3:

•  Calmed a woman’s boyfriend who she reported was acting belligerent. Police said he was cooperative and agreed to leave.

•  Checked a report of dogs barking in Maple Manor, but found no problem.

On July 4:

•  Helped VSP shut down a large, noisy Panton party with fireworks.

•  Checked on the welfare of a city resident who was reported to be feeling suicidal. Police said he was OK to be left with a family member.

•  Responded along with VARS to deal with a drunken Walker Avenue resident who claimed to be having a heart attack. Police said her BAC tested at about 0.30%, but that she declined medical assistance and appeared to be well enough to be left alone.

•  Checked a report of dogs barking in Maple Manor and discovered they were inside. Police solved the problem by closing a window.

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