ANWSD board issues statement on withdrawal

VERGENNES — Addison Northwest School Board Chair John Stroup this week issued a statement on behalf of the ANWSD board on the July 13 vote in Addison on whether that community should withdraw from the unified school district.

It reads:

“The ANWSD has focused on providing the best possible education for all of its students, and the District has worked hard to keep taxes as low as possible. We’ve done really well so far, and our voters know it because they have overwhelmingly supported our budgets.

We know we face significant issues in the future because the student population will decline in this area and, indeed, in all of Vermont. There is no magic solution to solve that problem, but we certainly believe that our chances are better if we work together and prioritize giving every single child here the best opportunity they can to thrive.

This community cares deeply for its children, and that’s been our focus — making choices as a District to give all of our kids the best education so that they can to grow, learn, and live healthy lives.

Over these last five years, we have maintained and even grown some great programs like the Addison Wayfinders Experience and early childhood education. We’ve done all this while cutting our budget in three of the last four years. That positions us to face the coming challenges associated with further decline in student enrollment. We are focused on staying on that path.

At this point, the good people of Addison have a decision to discuss and consider. We are glad to answer any questions we can, but most importantly the ANWSD Board wishes our friends and neighbors in Addison wise and constructive deliberations as they consider whether to remain in the Addison Northwest School District.”

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