Vergennes Police Log: DUI, speeding and a runaway

VERGENNES — Among other incidents between May 24 and June 6, Vergennes police cited a person for driving with a criminally suspended license (DLS), cited a Bristol resident into court for retail theft, cited a Bristol resident for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), ticketed a truck driver for allegedly traveling 21 mph over the speed limit, and helped state officials deal with a runaway juvenile.

Police also conducted 13 cruiser and three foot patrols, three property watches, one pre-employment fingerprint test and one VIN inspection; responded to one false alarm; helped two motorists get into their locked vehicles; and:

On May 24:

•  After checking out a report of a suspicious vehicle, cited Cody P. Blackmer, 31, of Colchester for criminal DLS and ordered his vehicle towed following a Monkton Road traffic stop. Police also ticketed him for driving with plates not assigned, no insurance and no registration.

•  Responded on behalf of Vermont State Police to a two-vehicle crash on Route 22A in Ferrisburgh. Police said there were no injuries, but both vehicles were badly damaged.

•  Cited Veronica Aiken, 73, of Bristol for allegedly stealing two items from Kinney Drug Store valued at a total of $75.

•  Were told by a South Maple Street resident he had removed a four-inch spike sticking out of the pavement.

•  Heard a complaint about speeding on South Maple Street and began more patrols on the road.

•  Searched unsuccessfully for a vehicle being driven erratically on Monkton Road.

On May 25, searched unsuccessfully for a teen reported to be acting strangely in the School Street and Mountain View Lane area.

On May 26:

•  Checked the welfare of an elderly woman walking on Green Street; police said she was OK.

•  Took a report that a car parked on Main Street had been struck by another vehicle.

•  Alerted the fire department about a leak in a Main Street business’s sprinkler system.

•  Heard a complaint about a man driving a lawnmower and knocking on doors, but determined there was no issue.

On May 27, cited Dean Burpee Jr., 23, of Bristol for DUI-alcohol following a traffic stop on Monkton Road.

On May 28, ticketed the driver of a tractor-trailer truck for traveling 51 mph in a 30 mph zone on West Main Street.

On May 29, logged two complaints from a Cataract Lane resident that her ex-boyfriend had stolen and smashed her phones and abused her. Police are investigating.

On May 30, heard from a Walker Avenue resident of a verbal threat issued in the complex’s common area.

On June 1, referred to state police in Rutland a case involving a disputed trade of two motorcycles for a car in which one party alleged the car was stolen. Police said the deal occurred in the Rutland area.

On June 2:

•  Helped state officials find a teen who had fled from a Vergennes home for the second time in recent weeks. Police said the youth was at least temporarily placed under state supervision.

•  Spoke with a tenant who alleged her landlord was harassing her. Police on that day advised her to read up on her rights in the Vermont State Landlord Tenant Handbook. On June 6, the woman complained that the landlord had refused to provide her a copy of her lease and had given her an unfair reference to another landlord. Police said it was a civil matter and advised her to pursue it in civil court.

•  On June 3, talked to the owner of a beat-up camper left on Green Street and were told it would be towed to his home. Police first responded to a complaint of a loud noise and people with flashlights, and learned the camper’s tires had popped while being moved on the street.

•  Looked unsuccessfully for a man who had told Middlebury Probation and Parole officials he might drive his mother’s car into a tree. Police advised other agencies to be on the lookout for the possibly suicidal man.

•  Stopped and warned the driver of a vehicle that had reportedly been driven erratically on Route 22A.

•  Responded to Champlain Farms convenience store, where a clerk had difficulty with a drunken and disorderly customer to whom the clerk had refused to sell alcohol. Police served the customer, a former store employee, a no-trespass order the next day.

On June 4:

•  Responded to a four-car crash on West Main Street. Police said there were no injuries.

•  Advised a man to seek help in Family Court after he said the mother of his children was refusing him visitation rights.

On June 5:

•  Determined a man carrying a cross and leaning over the Otter Creek bridge railing posed no danger to himself or others.

•  Listened to a First Street resident complain that kids were playing with remote-controlled toy cars in the road and were rude to her when she told them to stop. Police suggested she talk to the park owners if she wanted to pursue the issue.

•  Returned a wallet to its owner that a citizen had found in the Maplefields convenience store parking lot.

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