MUHS honor roll

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury Union High School has released its Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratualtions to the following students:


High Honors: Virginia Morsman, Caroline Nicolai, Harper Werme and Henry Weston.

Honors: Iver Anderson, Asa Baker-Rouse, Kellan Bartlett, Hope Bellinger, Luke Bleich, Emersyn Brookman, Caleb Burrows, Audrey Carpenter, Maura Connelly, Emma Deering, Noah Doherty-Konczal, Tobias Draper, Simone Duquette-Hoffman, Edward Van Fallis, Lily Finn, Baxter Harrington, Eliot Heminway, August Hodde, Morgan Jenne, John Jennings, Jacob Kemp, Kailey Leonard, Sophie Mason, Connor McNamara, Aidan Nelson, Zachary Nevins, Beatrice Porter, Milo Rees, Sara Sansone, Elliott Slavin, Silas Taylor, Ella Tucker and Reese Valley.

Honorable Mention: Catherine Carpenter, Zach Jette, Elliot Monk, Joyce Ross, Amalia Ward and Shyanne Wedge.


High Honors: Stella Andrews, Naomi Brightman, Nyna Cole, Maddie Crowne, Amanda Gomes, Arianna Graham-Gurland, Elise Heppell, Owen awton, Lia Robinson and Nora Wootten.

Honors: Kelsey Altemose, Declan Anderson, Narges Anzali, Melody Berenbaum, Willem Berry, Colby Bishop, Camila Blanco, Trey Bosworth, Helen Brayton, Catherine Carpenter, Aidan Chance, India Choudhury, Mary Conklin, Madison Cram, Elisabeth Crawford, Hana Doria, Seina Dowgiewicz, Dahlia Harrison-Irwin, Paige Hescock, William Ingham, Ainsleigh Johnson, Lily Lapiner, Rebecca Orten, Aslan Peters, Cadyn Pitner, James Riney, Vivian Kuebler Ross, Eliot Schneider, Eleanna Sellers, Ronen Silberman, Abigail Stafford, Toby Wells-Spackman and Zachary Wilkerson.

Honorable Mention: Maxwell Alberts, Kagen Besser-Jones, Isabella Daignault-Bailey, Wu Dong, Megan Gemignani, Eli Marks, Finn O’Neil, Trevor Schnoor, Benjamin Seaton, Lewis Suchomel and Abigael Tufts.


High Honors: Megan Balparda, Julia Bartlett, Caroline Browdy, Megan Daly, Ivy Doran, Catherine Dyer, Viviana Orozco Hammond, Anya Hardy-Mittell, Amanda Kearns, Sophie Larocque, Ben Munkres, Zoe Noble, Astrid Olsen, Fairley Olson, Holly Staats and Gregory Wilhelm.

Honors: Noah Berg, Alexandra Bonavita, Zachariah Burrows, Ira Carling, Henry Carpenter, Talia Cotroneo, Ashauntia Couture, Zora Duquette-Hoffman, Reese Fitzgerald, Owen Hamilton, Patience Hanley, Nora Hyde, Matthew Kiernan, Oni Krizo, Ella Landis, Elvis McIntosh, Lucas Palcsik, Joseph Pellerin, Henry Swan, Alanna Trudeau, Hannah Turner, Grace Vining, Samuel Warren, Emma Welch, Alexa Whelan, Katherine Whipple, Brian Whitley and Thomas Wolosinski.

Honorable Mention: Ann Andrus, John Bergeron, Taylor Betourney, Ainsley Busby, Robert Kite, Reilly Lawson, Camille Maglienti, Clare Molineaux, Ethan Ploof, Michael Plouffe, Sarah Reiderer, Asher Stokes and Ryan Thomas-Danyow.


High Honors: Lois Alberts, Elijah Bachand, Abigail Bailey, Anna Berg, Alexander Bleich, Ember Comes, Lydia Deppman, Benjamin Graham, Oliver Poduschnick, Rayven Roark, Chelsea Robinson, Sofia Stefani, Kathryn Waterman and Clara Wolff.

Honors: Abel Anderson, Olivia Audet, Jack Christner, Aiden Cole, Owen Connelly, Ava Devost, Gabriel Dunn, Emma Franklin, Andy Giorgio, Adin Girard, Evan Gregory, Wesley Hirdler, Charles Hodson, Timothy Hunsdorfer, Camryn Jaring, Mason Kaufmann, Megan McGettrick, Kaitlyn McNamara, Alexander Mencel, Lucas Nelson, Thomas Nevins, Jaden Ohanian, Andrea Palmer, Grace Paquette, Kai Pasciak, Rhys Pitner, Sophie Pope McCright, Jackson Rizzo, Bode Walsh Rubright, Marshall Sanchez, Lena Sandler, Alexander Shashok, Kieran Sheridan, Nicholas Suchomel, Gwen Troumbley and Anna Wagner.

Honorable Mention: Jordyn Bessette, Joshua Bullock, Thomas Bullock, Gabriel Cotell, Jonathan Flores-Torres, Bridget Graham, Colby Hammond, Kyle Mitchell, Isaac Norris, Karic Riche, Harper Sinclair and Mia Thebodo.

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