Middlebury Police Log: Police investigate possible hate crimes

MIDDLEBURY POLICE HELPED with traffic control while utility workers labored through the night on Court Square after a storm knocked down a large tree on to electrical wires. Power was out in parts of Middlebury from late afternoon May 26 through 5:30 a.m. on May 27. Photo by Brian Slavin

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police last week investigated two complaints about potential hate crimes, both occurring on Thursday, May 27.

First, police received a report about a truck driver failing to yield to a pedestrian in the College Street crosswalk on May 27. The person reporting the incident was concerned the case might have been a hate crime, as the driver allegedly sped up as the pedestrian — a black woman — sought to cross.

Second, police were told that someone had thrown a brick through a window at the East Middlebury United Methodist Church, and rearranged letters on the church’s outdoor sign to spell out a homophobic message.

Instead of “church open at 9 a.m., all are welcome,” the vandal spelled out, “gays place open,” according to a parishioner.

The perpetrator threw the brick so hard that it landed halfway across the church sanctuary, spreading glass everywhere, the parishioner said.

Anyone with information about either one of these incidents is asked to call Middlebury police at 388-3191.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

•  Responded to a report of an out-of-control man on North Pleasant Street on May 24.

•  Quieted a driver who was playing loud music while parked in the Jayne Court area on May 24.

•  Received a report of a cow loose on Route 7 North on May 24.

•  Got medical help for a man found bleeding from his hand in the Court Street Extension area on May 24.

•  Responded to a report of vandalism to a bathroom seat at Middlebury Union High School on May 24.

•  Assisted a Court Street resident on May 24 who alleged their credit cards had been used fraudulently.

•  Issued court diversion paperwork for an MUHS student found to be in possession of marijuana on campus on May 24.

•  Drove a local man to Porter Hospital to receive a mental health screening on May 25.

•  Received a report that a vehicle had been struck while parked off South Main Street on May 25.

•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS on a medical call in the Route 7 South area on May 25.

•  Attempted to local a white Honda CRV that had allegedly been tailgating and passing unsafely on Route 30 on May 25.

•  Intervened in an argument between a drunken man and a construction worker in the Marble Works complex on May 25.

•  Encountered a disoriented, elderly man off Mary Hogan Drive on May 25. Police said the man was intoxicated and declined medical help.

•  Found cows on the loose on Route 7 North on May 26. Police said the owner came to retrieve the animals.

•  Assisted MREMS with a man who had sustained a head injury in the Weybridge Street area on May 26.

•  Responded to a report of illegal burning off East Main Street on May 26. Police said the person responsible put out the fire. Police are reminding residents that open burning is currently not permitted.

•  Heard allegations of potential drug activity in a parking lot off Court Street Extension on May 26.

•  Assisted Middlebury firefighters with traffic control after a large tree had fallen in Court Square as a result of a brief, violent storm during the late afternoon of May 26.

•  Received reports of speeding cars on Seminary Street Extension on May 26.

•  Were informed of vandalism to a towel dispenser at MUHS on May 27.

•  Checked on a report of low hanging power lines on Ossie Road on May 27.

•  Assisted a local resident who had received an unwanted phone call on May 28.

•  Checked on the welfare of a local woman who had hinted at self-harm on May 28.

•  Investigated a two-car crash, with no reported injuries, at the intersection of Court and Thomas streets on May 28.

•  Investigated complaints of speeding vehicles on Foote Street on May 28.

•  Received a report that someone had thrown a rock through a window at Mary Hogan Elementary School on May 28.

•  Investigated complaints of speeding vehicles on Rogers Road on May 28.

•  Assisted a Court Street resident in removing an unwelcome, drunken guest from their home on May 28.

•  Responded on May 28 to a  Porter Hospital report of a patient having a mental health episode.

•  Responded on May 28 to a Middlebury College campus report of a man having a mental health episode.

•  Investigated a complaint about a loud Middlebury College party dispersing at midnight on May 28, resulting in attendees cutting through private property in Chipman Park.

•  Assisted three youths who had dropped their pizza on Seymour Street during their walk home on May 29. Police said Nino’s Pizza replaced the pie for free.

•  Received a report of a two-vehicle hit-and-run accident at the intersection of South Main and Academy streets on May 30.

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