Vergennes Police Log: Man suspected of drug use issued no-trespass orders

VERGENNES — Vergennes police twice last week issued no-trespass orders on a man they and city business owners believe was using Main Street business restrooms to do drugs.

But, police said, they couldn’t prove the man had done so, although in both instances he stayed in the restrooms for long periods of time and showed clear signs of being under the influence.

The first call came from Champlain Farms on May 17. Employees said the man had entered the store restroom more than once that day. Police said they found a syringe in the restroom, but couldn’t prove who’d left it there.

On May 21, they issued him the second no-trespass order after being alerted by Three Squares Café employees of a similar situation.

Between May 17 and 23, Vergennes police conducted one foot and nine cruiser patrols, two property watches and two VIN inspections, responded to one false 911 call, and:

On May 17, responded to New Haven Road argument between a grandmother and granddaughter that centered on the younger woman’s boyfriend. Police said the older woman had apparently been slapped and scratched, but no one involved would make a statement, so they couldn’t file charges. Police contacted AgeWell about the incident.

On May 18:

•  Recommended parties arguing about how to resolve a vandalism incident on Hillside Acres take the dispute to civil court. Police said a 6-year-old child had scratched a car with a rock, and although a parent agreed to pay for the damage, the parties couldn’t agree on the cost.

•  Called the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad (VARS) to take a man who had attempted suicide in a car parked in St. Peter’s Church’s South Maple Street lot to Porter Hospital.

•  Helped arrange for a teenage girl who didn’t come back home from school on the 18th to return two days later. Police said she had been in the Burlington area.

On May 19:

•  Called VARS to take a drunken man on Armory Lane who couldn’t walk to Porter Hospital.

•  Cited six juveniles for smoking marijuana in the Agency of Transportation Park-and Ride Lot.

On May 20:

•  Checked on the welfare of a Walker Avenue resident, who was fine.

•  Dealt with a minor two-car accident on South Water Street.

•  Referred to Williston police a complaint from a Second Street resident that his ex-wife had purchased $2,300 of furniture in his name in Williston.

•  Took a report from Auto Creek on West Street that a trailer and an outbuilding showed signs of forced entry, though it wasn’t clear anything was missing.

•  Were told by a High Street woman that her husband had smoked pot after a dispute and seemed unresponsive; VARS determined he was OK.

On May 21:

•  Responded to vandalism at the New Haven Road car wash, where someone had written on the walls. Police issued a no-trespass order on the suspect when the owner said he preferred that charges not be filed.

•  Helped an owner get into a locked vehicle on West Main Street.

•  Checked on the welfare of a Walker avenue resident, who they learned was in the hospital.

•  Asked two men who had slept the night before in Falls Park to move along.

•  Spoke to the owner of a car who had filled up at Maplefields but not paid for the gas; he returned and paid.

•  Were told a syringe had been seen at the intersection of Monkton Road and Route 7, but couldn’t find it.

•  Looked for go-karts reported to have been driven on West Main Street, but didn’t find them.

On May 22:

•  Told three people in Falls Park after curfew to move along.

•  Were told a woman’s car had been vandalized on Sunset Drive. Police are investigating.

•  Spoke to a man involved in a custody dispute.

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