Letter to the editor: Incumbent Conlon is the best choice for ACSD

I am writing this letter to the ACSD community to endorse Peter Conlon’s re-election to the ACSD School Board. By sharing some of the reasons for this endorsement, I hope you will feel the same way. 
In my years working with Peter on the board I have noticed three primary qualities that stand out as characteristics that make him the best candidate for Cornwall and the entire ACSD community. His intelligence, dedication, and patience are among the many qualities that should recommend his re-election to the school board. Peter is able to understand the complex issues involved in education governance. I have seen him quickly and thoroughly grasp a variety of complex topics related to education.
From labor negotiations to community outreach and from policy governance to school reorganization, Peter has shown a remarkable ability to comprehend issues and thoughtfully move the education community forward even during difficult periods. His dedication to making the education in our community the best it can be rather than pursuing pet interests is what I perceive to be a level of commitment not shared by many one-issue voices. By listening to the vast majority of opinions in the district, weighing them against facts, and taking the time to come to rational decisions, Peter shows his dedication to doing the right thing.
Which brings me to my third point in support of his candidacy. He has been infinitely patient with the people who have falsely claimed that their opinions have not been heard. Peter has supported many initiatives to hear citizens outside of the open (and sparsely attended) regular board meetings. His support of rational board decisions despite unfounded criticism displays, to me, his patience in not pandering to populism.
And so, because Peter Conlon is intelligent, dedicated, and patient, I heartily endorse his candidacy and hope that you will join me in voting for him in the upcoming election.
Steve Orzech

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