Deer final breaks record in 2020

HAILEY WATTERS HAD never brought down a deer before. But her first kill proved to be the kind of buck that hunters dream about — a 215-pound buck with a nine-point antler rack she took during this past archery season.

ADDISON COUNTY — Bright spots have been rare in a 2020 afflicted by a pandemic and divisive politics.
But there sure were plenty of happy deer hunters in Addison County.
In fact, county wildlife reporting stations handled more deer in 2020 than in any year since the Independent has been tracking the count, and it wasn’t close.
The previous record of 1,345 came in 2018 for the combined total of all seasons — rifle, Youth Hunting Weekend, archery and muzzleloader. Then, 2019 came close, with 1,324 weighed locally.
This year that number soared to 1,745.
To put that count in perspective, as recently as 2010 and 2011 county weigh stations handled fewer than 800. There have been some ups and downs since then, but a graph would show a steady increase over time.
In raw numbers, the new record is exactly 400 deer more than the previous benchmark. In percentage terms, it rounds to 30% higher.
It’s not the first deer-hunting record of the year. Rifle season hunters brought down 647 deer, smashing last year’s record total of 594.
The Independent had previously reported 641 for rifle season. But Department of Fish & Wildlife Deer Project Leader Nick Fortin added four deer to the total he earlier reported online for the county this year.
And it came to our attention that the Granville Country Store is a reporting station. Most deer the folks there handle are killed away from Addison County, but deer taken in the county were also added into out totals, boosting them slightly — two rifle and a handful of archery and muzzle-loader deer. We included all their successful hunters in our wrap-up, however.
Buck weights from rifle season were also slightly higher and set a new record for average weight by 0.2 pound at 147.8 pounds.

Fortin said that Addison County and other parts of the Champlain Valley are outpacing other areas of the state. Grand Isle and Franklin counties’ numbers are also clearly higher this year, he noted, although numbers are not final.
“It looks like our overall kill is going to be up statewide. I’m guessing it’s going to be up a little more in the north and west than in the south and eastern Vermont. They might still be up, but just barely,” Fortin said.
Fish & Wildlife officials made a several changes this year: adding an early muzzleloader season; expanding Youth Hunting Weekend to include all novice hunters; allowing spikehorn bucks to be shot in rifle season in many more mountainous regions for the first time, an amendment to the total ban enacted in 2005; allowing hunters to take four deer, an increase of one; and issuing more antlerless permits.
On the other hand the department limited hunters to just one buck this year.
Fortin said officials had hoped for better statewide numbers, and the size of the herd was a factor in Addison County’s success this year.
“Our objective was to harvest more deer with all the regulations changes and the number of antlerless permits we gave out,” he said. “I guess I expected it to be up more overall.”
As to why the Champlain Valley was a hot spot, Fortin pointed to its “friendly habitat” for deer, specifically “active farmland” with “high quality feed” such as hay, corn and soy bean fields.
The kill was probably suppressed somewhat elsewhere, as it was, he said, also in Maine and New Hampshire, by plentiful feed in more rugged terrain that meant deer weren’t moving as much, and the lack of snow for tracking.
“That’s kind of my suspicion,” Fortin said. “Particularly when we get good acorn years, which we had this year, the harvest is down predictably … In the big woods, when there’s plentiful food, the hunters struggle to find deer.”
Finally, he noted, the fact that another mild winter looms with a health deer herd more or less intact could mean a good 2021.
“It’s very early, but the fact that we harvested fewer deer than we expected to, particularly bucks, bodes well for next year. Those deer are out there,” Fortin said. “Things are good right now, particularly in Addison County and the rest of the Champlain Valley.”

During either archery or muzzleloader season a half-dozen hunters brought down bucks weighing more than 200 pounds, including Hailey Watters, Matthew Norris, David Palmer, Brian Kemp, Tracie Quesnel, and Charles Paolontonio.
In any other year Palmer’s buck, a 242-pound, 9-pointer shot in October’s archery season in Shelburne and weighed at Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, probably would have been the largest in the state, never mind the county.
But Chris Hanson brought down a 262-pounder in Shoreham during rifle season, and elsewhere in Vermont during archery season another hunter killed a 263-pounder. Those deer rank as the ninth- and 10th-largest ever taken in Vermont, according to official records. 
The full scan for deer weighed in the county during this and previous five years stands at:
• In 2020, 1745 deer (647 rifle, 105 youth/novice, 528 archery, 464 combined muzzleloader).
• In 2019, 1,324 deer (594 rifle, 142 youth, 258 archery, 330 muzzleloader).
• In 2018, 1,345 deer (571 rifle, 110 youth, 274 bow, 390 muzzleloader).
• In 2017, 1,189 deer (554 rifle, 110 youth, 161 bow, 264 muzzleloader).
• In 2016, 1,064 deer (573 rifle, 94 youth, 206 bow, 191 muzzleloader).
• In 2015, 772 deer (444 rifle, 78 youth, 206 bow, 44 muzzleloader). No muzzleloader doe permits were issued that year after a harsher winter.

The following hunters had deer weighed at one of Addison County’s eight reporting stations: Buxton’s Store in Orwell, Rack ’N Reel in New Haven, Vermont Field Sports, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury, Granville Country Store, and the Lincoln and West Addison general stores.
They are listed by name, town of kill, and either pounds and points for bucks or weight for all other deer:

ARCHERY: Michael Stevens, Hancock, 68; Jason Woodard, Waterbury, 111; Forrest Patterson, Granville, 121-7; Brennan Bordonaro, Warren, 184-8; Anthony Long, Fayston, 96; Jordan Ray, Warren, 105; Marvin Theurer, Warren, 110-2; David Millard, Warren, 69; and Christopher Mack, Waitsfield, 87 and 122-5 buck.
Also, Richard Avery, Duxbury, 118; Simon Villa, Waitsfield, 91; Evan Theurer, Waitsfield, 106; John Belisle, Rochester, 136; John Gaboury, Warren, 98; and Benjamin Smith, Fayston, 80.
Also, Travis McAllister, Waitsfield, 155-7; John Morris, Waitsfield, 190-5; Eastman Long, Fayston, 116; Eddie Kwiatkowski, Warren, 126; Jesse Wilkesman, Duxbury, 114; Wade Woodard, Waterbury, 133; Christopher Woodard, Duxbury, 119.
Eddie Kwiatkowski, Lincoln, 135-3; Christopher Mack, Waitsfield, 109; Ky Koitzsch, Granville, 135-7; Matt Manning, Rochester, 132; Gary Bannister, Hancock, 116-4; Kyle Delabruere, Granville, 148-8; and Kate Wilkesman, Duxbury, 97.

ARCHERY: Scott Bougor, Middlebury, 87; Stephen Ploof, Middlebury, 90; Bryan Boise, Cornwall, 134-4; Douglas Bent, Cornwall, 132-4; Paul Gosselin, Cornwall, 122; William Geehan, Lincoln, 95; Aaron Larocque, Middlebury, 125; and Justin Rubright, Salisbury, 108.
Also, Dean Rheaume, Salisbury, 124; Seth Fisher, Middlebury, 129-6; Dalton Rheaume, Salisbury, 97; Kevin Brown, Middlebury, 101; Gabe Cameron, Middlebury, 120; Donald Williams, Ripton, 90; and Matthew McGuire, New Haven, 97.

ARCHERY: Clinton Alger, Huntington, 100; Jody Brown, Lincoln, 91; Robert Wener, Sudbury, 100; David Brown, Lincoln, 86; Ben Smith Starksboro, 142-6; Cole Shepard, Lincoln, 112; David Whitcomb, Bristol, 98; Justin Malzac, Ripton, 100; Adam Shortsleeve, Starksboro, 135; Adam Whitcomb, Bristol, 105; and Lucas Livingston, Bristol, 162-8.
Also, Josh Roscoe, Huntington, 78; Travis Phanaux, Lincoln, 105; Benjamin Shepard, Lincoln, 123; Roland Haskins, Huntington, 40; Ashley Bishop, Lincoln, 108-2; Justin Malzac, Ripton, 95; Joseph Norton, Lincoln, 94; Adam Shortsleeve, Starksboro, 108; David Wetmore, Lincoln, 104; Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, 153-8; and Stanley Sargent, Lincoln, 110-2.
Also, Andrew Jimmo, Huntington, 100; Larry Haskins, Huntington, 141; Walter Shondube, Lincoln, 121; Branden Reynolds, Lincoln, 95; Andrew Lajeunesse, Lincoln, 109; Timothy Blanchard, Starksboro, 105; Alan Brace, Huntington, 75; Travis Phanaux, Lincoln, 58; Adam Shortsleeve, Starksboro, 130-2; Tyler Desautels, Lincoln, 57; Edward Lafayette, 107; Cody Corse, Bristol, 76; and Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, 106.
MUZZLELOADER: Brian Donnelly, Lincoln, 109-3; Chad Beauvais, Lincoln, 86; Grant Lewis, Huntington, 115; John Buonincontro, Starksboro, 166-8; Robert Cavoretto, Lincoln, 130; Roy Catella, Warren, 175-8; Chad Murray, Monkton, 133-5; Anthony Curtis, Lincoln, 75; and Gary Barclay, Lincoln, 70.

ARCHERY: Hailey Watters, New Haven, 215-9; Matthew Norris, South Hero, 200-8; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 176-7; Carla Jimmo, South Hero, 157-8; Brian Ladeau, Bristol, 156-5; Andrew Hubinger, Richmond, 147; Larry Marcelle, Monkton, 147-7; Cory Steady, Bristol, 134-2; and Larry Marcelle, Bristol, 134.
Also, Donald Pepe, Whiting, 132-7; Rolland Cousino, Starksboro, 128; Kevin Tower, Monkton, 123; Travis White, Middlebury, 123; John Chamberlain, Lincoln, 120; Timothy Jimmo, Starksboro, 120; Conrad Marsano, Essex, 119; Garrett Davis, Bristol, 119; Robert Twenge, Monkton, 119; Daniel Cram, Ripton, 118; and Brad Curler, Starksboro, 116.
Also, Josh Roscoe, Bristol, 113; Matthew White, Starksboro, 111; Scott Bell, Hinesburg, 109; Cory Steady, Ferrisburgh, 108; John Chamberlain, Bristol, 108; Matthew Mcguire, Bristol, 198-3; Kyle Bedell, Hinesburg, 108-5; Brian Heffernan, Lincoln, 106; Shawn Laurie, Bristol, 106; and Wyatt Gracie, Huntington, 105.
Also, Logan Ladeau, Bristol, 105; Victor Fifield, Shoreham, 104; Kyle Tetrault, Starksboro, 104; Kevin Berry, Lincoln, 104; Edward Lafayette, Lincoln, 103; Todd Laflam, Monkton, 103-4; Scott Heath, Starksboro, 102; Dusty Grace, Starksboro, 101; and Ed Lafayette, Lincoln, 101.
Also, Ryan Russin, Starksboro, 100; Jack Bodington, Monkton, 100; William Swett, Starksboro, 99; Haylee Gillette, Charlotte, 98; Thomas Murphy, Ripton, 97-6; Jack Bodington, Monkton, 71; Nick Lossman, Bristol, 70; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, 68; Shawn Frost, Lincoln, 68; and Wyatt Gracie, Huntington, 65.
Also, Codey Corse, Lincoln, 65; Philip Kittell, Westford, 65; Randy Little, Lincoln, 62; Nathan Perry, Lincoln, 60; Donald Pepe, Shoreham, 60; Ronald Dusablon, Starksboro, 58; Kevin Clark, Bristol, 55; and Wayne LaRose, Ripton, 54.
MUZZLELOADER: Gavin Conrad, Monkton, 159-6; Hailey Perlee, New Haven, 149-4; Tucker Porter, Starksboro, 139; Jeff Stetson, Bristol, 130-5; Jerry Butler, Bristol, 130-9; Eric Jipner, New Haven, 129; Donnie Mashia, Richmond, 125; Kiley Sorrell, Charlotte, 124-6; Michael Jerome, Addison, 120; and Ethan Ramsey, New Haven, 118-3.
Also, Kimberly Couture, Ripton, 116; Erin Dalley, Starksboro, 112; Rachael Bedell, Bristol, 110; Kevin Clark, Salisbury, 108; Andrew Bissonette, Lincoln, 106; Wilfred Lafountain, Middlebury, 106; Martin Landon, Weybridge, 103; Jay Lestage, Huntington, 97-2; and Adam Thompson, Starksboro, 74.

ARCHERY: David Palmer, Shelburne, 242-9; Charles Holbrook, Salisbury, 187-7; Colin Foster, Middlebury, 180-6; Avery Gale, Salisbury, 175-4; James Reynolds, Salisbury, 170-8; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 170-6; Michael Ash, Cornwall, 168-5; Robin Whitman, Ripton, 168-7 and 40; and Matthew Cram, Leicester, 168-7.
Also Terry Aldrich, Cornwall, 157-4 and 131; Michael Forbes, Bristol, 156-5; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 147; Gregory Gearwar, Brandon, 140-6; Greg Whitney, Middlebury, 136; Frank Kurek, Ripton, 136-6; Dustin Dattilio, Brandon, 135; David Wimett, Brandon, 135-4; and Ronald DeVoid, Middlebury, 130.
Also, Jerry Atkins, Middlebury, 129; Joshua Quinn, Middlebury, 127; Daniel Bourgeois, Charlotte, 123; William Kimball, Weybridge, 122-5; David Wemette, Middlebury, 122 and 100; Henry Ramsey, Bristol, 120; Steven Bartlett, Cornwall, 120; Thatcher Trudeau, Salisbury, 118 and 113-5; and Charles Sargent, Weybridge, 118.
Also, Cheyenne LaRose, Salisbury, 118; Douglas Yantz, Middlebury, 117; Joshua Litch Jr., Whiting, 116 and 55; George Devoid, Salisbury, 115; Todd Kennedy, Brandon, 113; Andrew Hutchinson, Hubbardton, 113; Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, 112; Charles Sargent, Middlebury, 111; Levi Doria, Ripton, 110; and Colin Foster, Middlebury, 107 and 105.
Also, Brent Warren, Salisbury, 106-5; Kendra Dwyer, Weybridge, 106; Rusty Conant, New Haven, 106; Donald Williams, Ripton, 105; Bonnie Spencer, Brandon, 105; Douglas Yantz, Middlebury, 105; David Dupoise, Ripton, 104; Frank Raymond, Middlebury, 103; Kenneth Perine, Middlebury, 103; and Jeffrey Hayes, Salisbury, 103.
Also, Tyler Pockette, Salisbury, 103 and 56; Ernest Goodrich, Salisbury, 103; Terrence Ferson, Brandon, 100; William Thorpe, New Haven, 100; Charles Desjadon, Salisbury, 100; Jesse Otis, Middlebury, 98; David Gagnon, New Haven, 97; and Peter Lewis, Ripton, 95.
Also, Joshua Litch Jr., Ripton, 95; Harley Grice, Middlebury, 80 and 70; Gene Torrey, Salisbury, 76; Henry Ramsey, Lincoln, 75; Andrew Hutchinson, Leicester, 73; Isaac Whitney, Middlebury, 70; Cameron Forbes, Middlebury, 61; Morgan Laroche, Salisbury, 50; and Jordan Stearns, Middlebury, 50.
MUZZLELOADER: Corey Brown, Addison, 137-8; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 135; Nick Desjadon, Sudbury, 133; Philip Cyr, Bridport, 133; Stephen Pratt, Whiting, 124; Joseph Cyr, Bridport, 123; Robert Cyr, Bridport, 117; and Michael Lathrop, Middlebury, 115.
Also, Riellie Washburn, Orwell, 106; Margene Loven, Leicester, 100; John Wheeler, Salisbury, 100-3; George Devoid, Salisbury, 100; and Charles Morris, New Haven, 67.

ARCHERY: Justin Bushey, Addison, 125; Jeremy Francis, Bridport, 125; Matthew Lawton, Bridport, 130; Brendon Huestis, Ferrisburgh, 60; Daniel White, Ferrisburgh, 70; Steve Fillion, Addison, 110; Guy Magnano, Bristol, 140-4; Ernest Cousino, Addison, 104; Brendon Huestis, Bridport, 120; and John Parker, Addison, 103.
Also, Jason Sabourin, Ferrisburgh, 123; Thaddeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 103; Timothy Blanchard, Addison, 86; William Brown, Ferrisburgh, 80; Herbert Glidden, Bridport, 123; Matthew Lawton, Bridport, 135-4; Eric Gracie, Cornwall, 120; Kenneth Sullivan, Panton, 130; Jacob Lafrance, Monkton, 103-5; Richard Thurber, Bristol, 125; Adam Berno, Cornwall, 120-3; and David DeVries, Addison, 100.
Also, Kaleb Roberts, Bridport, 102; Robert Brigan, Ferrisburgh, 90; George Gosselin, Shoreham, 97; Brian Lafleche, Addison, 128; Steven Myrick, Bridport, 115; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 133; Kenneth Sullivan, Panton, 135; Mercedes Forbes, Weybridge, 130-4; Charles Ringer, Panton, 115-3; and Richard Thurber, Panton, 75.
Also, David Furman, Addison, 63; Rudolf Vorsteveld, Panton, 115; Timothy Hotte, Bridport, 125; Brent Perkins, Addison, 130; Derek Stewart, Pittsford, 110; Christopher Gordon, Bridport, 125; Charles Cushman, Panton, 100; Joseph Mackey, Cornwall, 116-6; and Herbert Glidden, Bridport, 110.
MUZZLELOADER: Brendin Roberts, Addison, 125; Jacob Lafrance, Ferrisburgh, 118; Kaleb Roberts, Bridport, 127-8; Casey Kimball, Middlebury, 75; Christopher Thompson, Cornwall, 130-8; Klancy Dunbar, Bridport, 107; Dwayne Roberts, Waltham, 97; Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, 120-4; Kaleb Roberts, Bridport, 78; Kyle Charron, Ferrisburgh, 125; and James Hatch, Panton, 90.

ARCHERY: Justin Quenneville, Whiting, 114; Therran Leggett, Orwell, 113; Jacob Kemp, Sudbury, 180-8; Christopher Davis, Shoreham, 114; William Telgen, Shoreham, 160-6; David Fuller, Cornwall, 133-5; Jon Audet, Orwell, 196-7; Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 115; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 110; and Dylan Lanpher, Cornwall, 120.
Also, Nathan Jones, Orwell, 70; Wyatt Casanelli, Orwell, 149-4; Jeff Bishop, Shoreham, 179-6; Matthew Bourgeois, Whiting, 93; Jacob Clifford, Orwell, 130; Brett Huntley, Orwell, 121; Allen Plouffe, Bridport, 117; Travis Whittemore, Bridport, 91; Brian Kemp, Sudbury, 222-7; and Michael Chicoine, Shoreham, 115.
Also, Devin Russell, Orwell, 126; Brian Bishop, Orwell, 100; Michael Arace, Benson, 101; Glenn Telgen, Shoreham, 142; Zakk Williams, Sudbury, 169-8; Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, 135-7; Kristin Nolan, Shoreham, 140; Alex Wigginton, Orwell, 129; Dustin Shaw, Orwell, 125; and Timothy Little, Orwell, 110.
Also, Christopher Mongeur, Ferrisburgh, 125; Sarah Washburn, Orwell, 80; Chris Groman, Bridport, 138; Ashlie Hall, Brandon, 118-5; Jeffrey Booska, Orwell, 111; Charles Laduc, Orwell, 110-3; Timothy Little, Orwell, 135-4; Jim Ryan, Shoreham, 118; Harrold Pouliot, Orwell, 125; and Gerard Jordan, Hubbardton, 104 and 111.
Also, Michael Gerace, Orwell, 114; Randy Ryan, Shoreham, 124; Cameron Lemieux, Orwell, 120; Jason Davignon, Orwell, 123-5; Julia Delphia, Leicester, 115; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 114; Dan Herriman, Middlebury, 105; Daniel Forcier, West Haven, 178-6; and Tony Quenneville, Withing, 100.
Also, Daniel Ellis, Panton, 124; Benjamin Alger, Orwell, 103; Jeremy Audet, Orwell, 164-8; Daniel Forcier, Benson, 90; Timothy Little, Orwell, 115; Timothy Smith, Mendon, 135-8; Daniel Ellis, Panton, 171-8; Ronald Harvey, Castleton, 118; Tracie Quesnel, Orwell, 207-9; and Matthew Anderson, Orwell, 108-3.
Also, Aaron Trombley, Cornwall, 127; James Duclos, Cornwall, 70; Evan Bragdon, Orwell, 135; Mark Young, Orwell, 132; Brian Trombley, Cornwall, 132; Frederick Nicholson, Rutland, 113; Joseph Nartowicz, Orwell, 155-6; William Maloy, Sudbury, 193-4; Ryan Fraser, Shoreham, 100; and Christopher Abbott, Shoreham, 90.
Also, Wayne Symon, Shoreham, 95; Ayden Trombley, Cornwall, 110; Michael Matot, Shoreham, 154-8; Jacob Abbott, Orwell, 122; Bret Williams, Sudbury, 128; James Warner, Shoreham, 117; Nicholas Montello, Orwell, 90; Edson Lanpher, Shoreham, 141; and Wyatt Stearns, Shoreham, 124 and 86.
Also, Daniel Ellis, Panton, 124; Lester Little, Orwell, 140; Kevin Jones, Benson, 111; Ryan Fraser, Shoreham, 85; Brian Orleans, Orwell, 146; Ozias Peltier, Shoreham, 156; Cody Steele, Whiting, 121; Bruce Potter, Sudbury, 119; and Devin Russell, Shoreham, 121.
Also, Harrold Pouliot, Orwell, 165-6; Travis Whittemore, Bridport, 124; James Vladyka, Benson, 165-8; Carter Leggett, Bridport, 125; Delbert Frazier, West Haven, 116; Jesse Bragdon, 90; Lester Little, 135-5; and James Gill, 108.
MUZZLELOADER: Trent Booska, Orwell, 118; Tabitha Borden, Shoreham, 80; Steve Bourgeois, Cornwall, 105; Delbert Frazier, Orwell, 107; Ray Bradish, 128, Orwell; Gerard Jordan Jr., Orwell, 127 and 131; Gene Goodspeed, Orwell, 118; and Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 120.

ARCHERY: Alan Whitney, Monkton, 94; William Brown, Ferrisburgh, 95; Mary Ringer, Ferrisburgh, 65, Jerry Forbes, Bridport, 118; Jonathan Titus, Ferrisburgh, 89; Luc Charlebois, New Haven, 103-2; Frank Raymond, Middlebury, 112, Matthew Funk, Brandon, 120; Erik Carruth, Cornwall, 62; Daryl Tribou, Addison, 147-7; and John Austin, Middlebury, 110.
Also, Richard Kemp, New Haven, 148-6; David Shaw, Lincoln, 55; Randy Poquette, Middlebury, 52; Shawn West, Richmond, 112; Thaddeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 108; Chris Coleman, Waitsfield, 96; Maxwell Flynn, Waltham, 112; Zachary Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 66; Lyman Gaudette, Shelburne, 170-8; and Kelly Roscoe, Lincoln, 78.
Also, Peter Cousino, Huntington, 168; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 117; Gerald Laflam, Huntington, 169-8; Matt Huizenga, Monkton, 100; Daniel Bushey, Starksboro, 120; Roger Dunn, Orwell, 139-4; Brian Peters, Warren, 179-6; Cody Spiegel, Charlotte, 172-7; Lisa Bove, Huntington, 92; Pat McGlaflin, Charlotte, 176-7; and Peter Fenn, Charlotte, 158-9.
Also, Kim Goodell, Monkton, 129; Sterling Pelsue, Charlotte, 113; Caleb Tucker, Salisbury, 113; Stephen Aruzza, Lincoln, 108; Chris Burritt, Bristol, 74; Victor Raymond, Charlotte, 164-7; Rusty Conant, New Haven, 119; Kevin Masse, New Haven, 95; Ryan Mobbs, Monkton, 94; Steven Crosby, Ferrisburgh, 111; and Bjorn Galaske, Ferrisburgh, 111.
Also, Linwood Chamberlain, Cornwall, 98; Bradley Bertrand, New Haven, 168-8; Dennis Decoff, Shelburne, 93; Jay Rogers, Ferrisburgh, 66; Franklin Loven, Monkton, 121-3; Sean Kehoe, Hinesburg, 136; Matthew Funk, Brandon, 120; David Rogers, Shelburne, 112; Peter Norris, New Haven, 130; Todd Jennings, New Haven, 124; and Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 100.
Also, Kevin Carter, Bridport, 94; Paul Pierce, Ferrisburgh, 143; Victor Fifield, Shoreham, 116; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 109; David Howell, New Haven, 116; Paul Deering, Bridport, 105; Peter Cousino, Huntington, 61; Matt Huizenga, Monkton, 107; Victor Raymond, Charlotte, 110; Alan Clark, Lincoln, 108; Joseph Epler, Ferrisburgh, 116; Dusty Grace, Starksboro, 111; and Richard Kemp, Middlebury, 110.
Also, William Grace, New Haven, 60; Dewey Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 102; Margaret Lattrell, New Haven, 134-5; Bjorn Galaske, Ferrisburgh, 111; Sean Gabbeitt, Starksboro, 104; Paul Jerome, New Haven, 109; Thomas Hodsden, Addison, 120; Andrew Raymond, Bristol, 54; Benjamin Wallen, Addison, 145; Zebulan Martin, Charlotte, 159-8; and Thomas Bove, Ferrisburgh, 100.
Also, Richard Sprague, New Haven, 117; Debra Bessette, Ferrisburgh, 160-7; Ken van Buren, New Haven, 174-7; Michael Holler, Addison, 120; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 108; John Beeman, Salisbury, 108; Layne Kipp, Ripton, 125 and 80; Daniel Bushey, Ferrisburgh, 126; Timothy Flynn, Waltham, 118; Codey Corse, Starksboro, 60; and Alexandria Brace, Shelburne, 97.
Also, John Bent, Starksboro, 107; Richard Kemp, Middlebury, 95; Jason Sabourin, New Haven, 109; Ryan Cornellier, Ferrisburgh, 93; Jamison Bannister, Addison, 121-5; Christopher Haines, Ferrisburgh, 54; Daniel Hebert, Addison, 129; Luc Charlebois, New Haven, 121; Ambrose Cousino, Weybridge, 92; Eugene Aube, New Haven, 80; and James Towle, Panton, 176-8.
Also, Calvin Stone, New Haven, 120; Jerad Gorton, New Haven, 114; Thomas Bove, Huntington, 93; Dylan Raymond, Ferrisburgh, 87; Michael Collette, Addison, 122; Owen Bromley, Starksboro, 105; Deborah Burbo, Monkton, 60; Christopher Berry, Bristol, 150-6; Craig Newton, Waltham, 107; and Dylan St. George, Charlotte, 109.
Also, Ambrose Cousino, New Haven, 109; Patrick McGlaflin, Charlotte, 115; Matthew Dupont, Monkton, 111-6; Caleb Tucker, Salisbury, 149-8; Scott Laberge, Charlotte, 168-8; Spencer White, Ferrisburgh, 130-6; Nelson O’Bryan, Lincoln, 101; Miles Shorey, Ferrisburgh, 64; Daniel White, Ferrisburgh, 103; Joey Mashia, Monkton, 118; and Pierre Laroche, Salisbury, 116.
Also, Matthew Badger, Ferrisburgh, 117; Andre Rheaume, New Haven, 80; Todd Roscoe, New Haven, 80; Corey Haight, Charlotte, 121; Stephen Davis, New Haven, 112; Sterling Pelsue, Vergennes, 126; Elijah Marchese, Newfane, 130; Brooke Perlee, New Haven, 115; James Danyow, Ferrisburgh, 80; Matthew Chandler, New Haven, 118; and Casey Huizenga, Monkton, 89.
Also, Chad Shepard, Grand Isle, 55; Randy Butler, New Haven, 133; Jason Twenge, Monkton, 121-6; Wyatt Traverse, Orwell, 119; Christopher Loyer, Ripton, 112; Andrew Jimmo, Huntington, 103; Andy Gendreau, Monkton, 116; Alan Whitney, New Haven, 100; Gene Torrey, Salisbury, 125; Scott Jarvis, New Haven, 69; and John Cole, Ferrisburgh, 109.
Also, Paul Deering, Bridport, 100; Mark Chapman, Bridport, 113; John Austin, Weybridge, 148-6; Reilly Case, New Haven, 107; Miles Russell, Hinesburg, 175-8; Arne McKinley, Benson, 97; Isayah Isham, Shelburne, 127-4; Joe Gallese, Charlotte, 125; Matthew Sweeney, New Haven, 115; Charles Dwy, Ferrisburgh, 99; and Cory Jennings, Hinesburg, 97.
Also, Darien Haselton, Essex, 83; Jeremy Lattrell, New Haven, 86; Eleanor Hurlburt, Monkton, 154-8; Christien Paquin, Addison, 126-6; Andrew Raymond, Ferrisburgh, 124; Bradley Mcgarghan, Huntington, 124; Gary Heath, Ferrisburgh, 119; Nelson O’Bryan, Lincoln, 88; Maxwell Flynn, New Haven, 122; and Robin Campbell, Addison, 123-6.
Also, Ethan Hallock, Panton, 97; Cody Steele, Cornwall, 93; Gregory Raymond, Cornwall, 112; Christopher Melendy, Lincoln, 111; Adam Loven, New Haven, 171-6; Timothy Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 136; Pierre Laroche, Salisbury, 124; Dylan Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 100; Tyler Flynn, Waltham, 124; John Lucia, New haven, 123; and David Doria, Lyndon, 108.
Also, Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 102; Ronny Gratton, Charlotte, 95; Allen Roberts, Ferrisburgh, 102; William Cyr, New Haven, 164-8; Ryan West, Addison, 112; Charles Paolontonio, Monkton, 207-8; Eric Rossier, Ferrisburgh, 114; Matthew Titus, Hinesburg, 106; Robert Twenge, Monkton, 90; Scott Gustin, Monkton, 88; and Nathan Nimblett, Vergennes, 112.
MUZZLELOADER: James Kleptz, New Haven, 112; Patrick Coyle, Monkton, 128-3; Jordan D’Amico, New Haven, 97; Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, 110; Sterling Pelsue, 119; Ryan Russin, Starksboro, 98-2; Ryan Zeno, New Haven, 120; Ronny Gratton, Ripton, 95-2; Sidney Barbour, Ferrisburgh, 98; and Paul Jerome, Monkton, 134.
Also, George Eisenhardt, Addison, 136; Zachary Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 92; Shawn Roscoe, Starksboro, 130; Timothy Flynn, Waltham, 117-4 and 107; Caylib Gaboriault, Ferrisburgh, 119; Joseph Dragon, Ripton, 119-6; Michael Dragon, Middlebury, 111; Chauncy Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 94; Ben Paquin, Panton, 141; and Donald Sisters, Ferrisburgh, 123.
Also, John Mlcuch, New Haven, 80; Kyle Cousino, Bristol, 106; Andre Dubois, Addison, 150-8; William Grace, Ripton 110-2; Glen Jewell, Monkton, 104; Thomas Charnley, Monkton, 116; Jody Conant, Orwell, 125; Nathan Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 96; Brian Lavoie, Cornwall, 95; Matthew Crowley, Ferrisburgh, 105; Charles Martin, Ferrisburgh, 111; and Stephen Tucker, Lincoln, 123-4.
Also, James Jewell, New Haven, 120; Charlie Hahn, 125-5; Lyman Gaudette, Shelburne, 109; Sean Kehoe, Shelburne, 126-6; Timothy Ashley, Ferrisburgh, 60; Donale Miele, Ferrisburgh, 124; Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 168-10; Todd Seguin, Weybridge, 125; Zachary Laurie, Bristol, 129-7; Justin Seguin, Weybridge, 128; and Jody Conant, Lincoln, 118-2.
Also, Craig Newton, New Haven, 119; William Whittemore, Panton, 137; John Campbell, Addison, 104; Danielle Norris, New Haven, 115; David Oliveira, Charlotte, 55; Donald Lathrop, Starksboro, 122; Jeffrey Fortune, Addison, 140; Nathan James, New Haven, 68; Todd Hunter, Monkton, 116; Christopher Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 149-6; and Jenna Paquin, Waltham, 121.

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