Granville store tallies hunters’ success

GRANVILLE — While the Addison Independent has been reporting hunting successes and wild game reports at Vermont Fish and Wildlife reporting stations around Addison County, we have missed reports from the Granville Country Store.
Kira Sargeant at the Route 100 store said they have been very busy tallying game brought to the reporting station this year.
“We enjoy seeing what people bring in and the excitement in their voice when they get a great animal or even their first animal ever,” Sargeant said.
To catch up, we are presenting here the hunting successes reported at the Granville Country Store this fall. The following is a list that includes hunter’s name, pounds, gender, number of antler points if a buck, and town of kill. Congratulations to the following:

Waylon Lowe 13 lb. female, Waitsfield; John Morris 17 lb. male with 6-in beard, Waitsfield; and Dan Morris 10 lb. female, Waitsfield.

Ryan Spaulding 110 lb., Granville; Glenn Promnitz 104 lb., Granville; Kyle Leighty 124 lb., Warren; and Steve Twitchell 103 lb., Rochester.

Hannah Long 114 lb. Doe, Fayston; Waylon Lowe 116 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Rebecca Downing 55 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; and Jaedyn Wimble 110 lb. Doe, Waitsfield.

Thomas Harvey 88 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Charles Needham 80 lb. Doe, Stockbridge; Sean Ohara 131 lb. Doe, Warren; Michael Needham 75 lb. male fawn, Rochester; and Steven Scherer 120 lb. Doe, Waitsfield.

Forrest Patterson 121 lb., 7 pts, Granville; Brennan Bordonaro 184 lb., 8 pts, Warren; Anthony Long 96 lb. Doe, Fayston; Jordan Ray 105 lb. Doe, Warren; Marvin Theurer 110 lb., 2 pts, Warren; David Millard 69 lb. fawn Doe, Warren; Christopher Mack 87 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Richard Avery 118 lb. Doe, Duxbury; Simon Villa 91 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Evan Theurer 106 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Michael Stevens 68 lb. Doe, Hancock; John Belisle 136 lb. Doe, Rochester; John Gaboury 98 lb. Doe, Warren; Christopher Mack 122 lb., 5 pts, Waitsfield; Benjamin Smith 80 lb. Doe, Fayston; Travis McAllister 155 lb., 7 pts, Waitsfield; John Morris 190 lb., 5 pts, Waitsfield; Eastman Long 116 Doe, Fayston; Eddie Kwiatkowski 126 lb. Doe, Warren; Jesse Wilkesman 114 lb. Doe, Duxbury; Wade Woodard 133 lb. Doe, Waterbury; and Christopher Woodard 119 lb. Doe, Duxbury.

Christopher Mack 109 lb. Doe, Waitsfield; Eddie Kwiatkowski 135 lb., 3 pts, Lincoln; Ky Kolzch 155 lb., 7 pts, Granville; and Matthew Manning 132 lb., Rochester.

RIFLE 2020
Thomas Harvey 175 lb., 6 pts, Waitsfield; Eastman Long 132 lb., 3 pts, Fayston; William Wood 130 lb., 4 pts, Granville; Wesley Lowe 158 lb., 5 pts, Waitsfield; Jason Maring 147 lb., 8 pts, Moretown; Bryan Beattie 155 lb., 4 pts, Granville; Royce Robare 163 lb., 6 pts, Warren; Neil Denis 128 lb., 8 pts, Warren; Richard Robinson 123 lb., 7 pts, Warren; Gary Blatz 99 lb., 2 pts, Hancock; Elwin Twitchell 179 lb., 8 pts, Rochester; Fred Waite Jr. 120 lb., 4 pts, Rochester; Kerry Hale 172 lb., 7 pts, Fayston; Nathaniel Dryer 145 lb., 8 pts, Rochester; Tanner Woodard 115 lb., 2 pts, Stowe; and Kenneth Kenia 155 lb., 9 pts, Waitsfield.

Larry Bushey 178 lb., Moretown. 

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