Holiday guide: Make your own little trees out of book pages


These fir-like trees can adorn the mantlepiece, the holiday table or any other space you reserve for holiday decorating. They’re easy to make, so it can be a great activity to do with your kids. These instructions are basic and leave room for you to adorn and alter your trees in any way you like.
• Old or used books you don’t mind cutting up, old wrapping paper, magazines, etc.
• Stiff paper such as Bristol board or light, non-corrugated cardboard (i.e., cereal boxes).
• Scissors or paper cutter.
• Glue. 
• Tape.
1. Make a cone out of the stiff paper. Do this by drawing a circle on the stiff paper — the diameter of the circle should be twice the desired height. You can trace a large bowl, plate or other round object. 
2. Fold in half and glue edges together. This will make the tree sturdier. 
3. Roll up the paper so that the flat side forms a tip. You can roll the paper as loosely or as tightly as you want to obtain the desired width of the tree. 
4. Tape the cone to secure it when you’ve got a shape you like.
5. With scissors or a paper cutter cut the book pages into strips at least 1.5 inches wide. You can cut them vertically or horizontally depending on what kind of look you want.
6. Cut slits into the long side of the strips to your desired width. 
7. With a pen or round chopstick roll from the uncut long edge to make strips curl. 
8. Apply glue to the unfringed side of the strips of paper. 
9. Starting from the bottom, attach the uncut edge of the paper strips. 
10. Work your way up with strips of paper until the entire cone is covered. Cut the strips into shorter sections as you move up the cone.
11. Once the glue has dried you can punch holes in the cone for light to come through from a battery-powered tea light set inside.
12. Cut out two stars. Glue all the edges but one angle together. 
13. Slip the star over the top of the tree.
14. Voila!
Optional: You can paint the edge to be cut with a fun color for accents. Add mini lights, glitter, beads or other decorative touches as you see fit. 

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