Letter to the editor: Cordes grateful, pitches survey

Thank you for choosing me — again — to represent you in the Vermont Statehouse. I have been humbled and honored to walk alongside you as we helped each other through the pandemic. I am proud of the work that our state legislature has done to support families, kids, educators, businesses, employees, and our health care system. I will continue to share with you any and all assistance in relation to the impacts of the COVID -19 pandemic. Finally, I am so proud of, grateful for, and inspired by my multigenerational, multiracial, and majority women and gender non-conforming people campaign team that includes several youth leaders, and all of the volunteers that helped.
The next two years will be very challenging, and much rests on the results of the national election. Our ability to significantly increase access to and affordability of healthcare is intricately tied to and dependent upon the three branches of our federal government. That being said, I continue to be dogged about increasing transparency, inclusivity, and accountability in our health care system and reducing the cost to you to the extent possible in Vermont. I already have local experts in pharmaceuticals, dentistry, and primary care that are eager to help.
With you, I will continue to work hard for a Vermont that works for everyone. That protects the most vulnerable and builds a stronger economy while we transition to clean energy chosen and led by communities themselves and keeping Vermont energy dollars in Vermont. That ensures food security for every Vermonter and continues to invigorate our incredible agriculture and food production system. That makes housing affordable to Vermonters by addressing property tax and education finance reform, and housing justice in the face of a pandemic and climate change-related influx of people searching for a safe haven like Vermont. And a Vermont that learns about how racial injustice continues to negatively impact so many people and communities in Vermont and organizes to do something about it.
Please join me in building priorities for the next legislative session by completing a survey. This survey will help me continue to engage with our community about important issues. And let’s keep the dialogue going throughout the session! Contact me at mcordes@leg.state.vt.us.
Link to survey here: https://forms.gle/Ze6K2R6RHM5cYAyo8 
PS: I think we got all the lawn signs, but let me know if you have lawn signs you want us to pick up! 
Rep. Mari Cordes

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