Letter to the editor: Jerome serves residents well

Two years ago I urged people to vote for Stephanie Jerome because of her stance on Education. Today I urge people once again to vote for Stephanie Jerome not because of what she might do for us but because of what she has already done. 
I’m constantly impressed by Representative Jerome. I’ve reached out to her about various concerns from radon testing in our schools to protecting Vermonters from surprise automatic renewals for apps and services, and each time she has come back to me with information about what the legislature is doing or what she has done to advance the issue in committee. From responding to messages to her weekly column in the local paper, her meetings for constituents, and her attendance at selectboard meetings, I have never met a representative so accessible. 
Stephanie also worked hard to create solutions to the unemployment benefits breakdown that happened with COVID-19 as the legislative team action leader, helping her constituents as well as those across Vermont. As a teacher, I know how COVID-19 has reinforced the need for universal high-speed internet access for Vermonters. Without it, we cannot attract companies, people cannot work from home, and students cannot access remote learning. Stephanie has been working on ensuring that every home and business has the access they need. 
As we face ongoing challenges in the shrinking Vermont economy, she remains committed to advocating for local jobs, as a business person, a consumer, and a legislator. While we face such uncertainty on the national stage, it is a comfort to have someone so reliable and hardworking in Montpelier. Please vote for Stephanie Jerome and send her back to the legislature to keep on advocating for the people of Brandon, Pittsford, and Sudbury.
Carrie Mol

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