Letter to the editor: Colleague backs Bray for Senate

I serve alongside Chris Bray in the Vermont State Senate, and it is my sincerest hope that he will be re-elected. Addison County voters would be hard pressed to find anyone to serve who will be more dedicated or more committed to finding positive outcomes for regular Vermonters. As the chair of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, Bray has been a champion of water quality, clean energy, and protecting Vermonters from toxic chemical exposure. He’s a watchdog for all of us on these extremely important issues. Bray puts in long hours to study every angle and to consider a range of perspectives before moving forward with legislation. He is a careful and dogged worker.
Senator Bray asks important questions that get at the crux of an issue, and his inquisitive mind seeks strong solutions and a better way forward. He is not knee-jerk on any issue, nor is he someone who “goes along to get along.” When he supports or opposes an issue, careful research and preparation back his position. This job is not about politics for him; it’s about advancing well-crafted policy on behalf of the people of Addison County. As the caucus leader, I wish all senators were so thoughtful and self-reflective in their work. Bray’s approach, values and dedication make him a stand out. Senator Chris Bray has earned your vote with hard work, deep knowledge, and integrity. If re-elected, he will continue to work diligently — developing meaningful policy for Addison County and taking a stand on pressing issues that are shaping Vermont’s future.
Senator Becca Balint
Senate Majority Leader

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