Middlebury Police Log: COVID-19 issues keep police busy

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police investigated a May 23 report of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance at Middlebury Sweets Motel, which has been providing rooms to homeless persons in wake of the temporary closure of local shelters due to COVID-19. 
Police initially took the man was taken to Grace House in Rutland for detox services. But due to his high level of intoxication, police said the man was refused at the Grace House and was taken to the Rutland Regional Medical Center.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Assisted Vermont State Police with a burglary investigation at a Lake Dunmore Road home in Salisbury at around 4 p.m. on May 18. The initial report indicated people might have been in the home at the time of the call, according to Middlebury police.
•  Received a report about an alleged theft from Hannaford Supermarket on May 18. Police are investigating the complaint.
•  Stood by while property was given back to a man who had been evicted from the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel on May 18.
•  Assisted two people who were arguing over owed money in the North Pleasant Street area on May 19.
•  Investigated a report of man screaming obscenities from a balcony at the Village Green apartment complex on May 19. Police told the man to stop yelling.
•  Were informed of the theft of a bike from outside a Cross Street home on May 19.
•  Responded to the Courtyard by Marriott to assist staff with a drunken man who was being disruptive on May 20.
•  Cited Wesley O’Dell, 44, of Middlebury for a criminal charge of driving with a suspended license, on Route 7 South on May 20.
•  Responded to the Porter Hospital Emergency Department on May 20 for a report of an “impaired” woman causing a disturbance.
•  Responded to a report of illegal dumping off Shard Villa Road on May 20.
•  Helped remove an intoxicated homeless person from the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel on May 20.
•  Were informed that some “stolen items” had been found in a room at Middlebury Sweets Motel on Route 7 South on May 20. Police continue to investigate the matter.
•  Picked up a number of used syringes that had been left on the side of Halladay Road on May 21.
•  Turned over, to its owner, a wallet found off Court Street Extension on May 21.
•  Responded to a noise complaint on at Middlebury Sweets Motel on Route 7 South on May 21. Police said they informed the culprits of the noise ordinance and they agreed to be quiet.
•  Made seven separate COVID-19 compliance checks on various businesses and public venues in town on May 22. Police are charged with following through on compliance concerns registered by citizens.
•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS with a drunken man who had fallen and cut his head on Route 7 South on May 22.
•  Cited Deng A. Arou, 39, of South Burlington with retail theft, after he alleged tried to take a beer from the Middlebury Mobil Shortstop on May 22.
•  Turned over, to its owner, a license plate found off Creek Road on May 22.
•  Served a no-trespass order to a homeless man on May 23 who wasn’t wanted at the Middlebury Sweets Motel on Route 7 South.
•  Assisted Vermont State Police with two sports utility vehicles found driving in fields off Morse Road on May 23.
•  Returned, to its owner, a wallet that had been turned into the police station on May 23.
•  Checked on a report of a young child riding a bike in the road on May 23.
•  Responded to a noise complaint in the Seymour Street Extension neighborhood on May 24.
•  Checked on the welfare of a homeless man who had called for assistance on May 24.
•  Responded to a noise complaint near the Pulp Mill Bridge on May 24. The responding officer explained the noise ordinance to the people making the noise.
•  Checked the welfare of a woman at a Court Street residence on May 24.
•  Received a complaint about gunshots heard in the Halladay Road area on May 24.
•  Assisted a homeless person who had been evicted from his room at the Courtyard by Marriott on May 24 due to intoxication.
•  Steered away a man who had allegedly been looking through windows at an East Main Street home on May 24. Police said the man returned to his shelter room at the Marriott.
•  Assisted a South Pleasant Street resident who was having an alarm issue on May 25.

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