State leaders offer timeline for COVID-19 peak in Vermont

COMMISSIONER AT VERMONT Department of Financial Regulation Michael Pieciak leads a discussion with other state leaders about the outlook for COVID-19 in Vermont.

Editor’s note: The following is an update from Addison County State Sen. Christopher Bray of Bristol.
Coronavirus Update April 5 — WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN with the COVID-19 outbreak in Vermont? Peaking when? How many sick? And more.
Here’s a link to a video presentation that is the best estimation of how COVID-19 is playing out in Vermont. Mike Pieciak, Commissioner at Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, provides a very good presentation of the models that are helping us foresee how this will continue to develop.
Short answer and a take-away: (1) the peak is still 2 to 3 weeks away; and (2) we all need to do even more to be safe (stay home, stay safe) — especially as the peak is still two to three weeks away.
In addition, following Commissioner Pieciak is Secretary of the Agency of Human Services Mike Smith, who walks through the emergency medical preparations in the state, designed to provide the maximum ability to respond to a possible worst case scenario — a scenario we all hope we do not experience, but one that is being used to plan in case we do.
Also in the video are Commissioner Michael Schirling of the Department of Public Safety, and Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine, of Public Health.
And finally, the video concludes with a series of questions from the Vermont press corps.
There is a lot of good information on the disease in Vermont and how we are responding.
Wishing you all good health.
— Chris

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