Green Mountain Trails End handled many bucks

BRISTOL — Hunters who were successful during the final 14 days of rifle season (Nov. 18-Dec. 1) and had their bucks weighed at Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol were accidentally omitted in our wrap-up published earlier this month. 
We apologize for the omission, and list them here. The bucks were counted in the overall total published in the Independent’s Dec. 1 edition. 
Among the bucks handled by Robbie Bedell and company at his Route 16 shop were two with trophy racks: Shawn Laurie killed a 174-pounder with an 11-point rack in Bristol, and Jeffrey Cook took down a 125-pounder with 10 antler points, also in Bristol. 
Also bringing bucks to Green Mountain Trails End during the final two weeks of rifle season, listed by name, town of kill, and pounds and points, were: 
Steve Hutchison, Bristol, 180 pounds-7 points; Pernell Bedell, Huntington, 171-8; John Bennett, Starksboro, 170-8; Caleb Tucker, New Haven, 167-4; Thomas Lathrop, Starksboro, 163-8; Robert Labossiere, Starksboro, 163-7; Calihan Butler, Bristol, 161-4; Timothy Bouvier, New Haven, 160-8; and Mitchell Davis, Bristol, 159-9. 
Also, Bradley Zeno, Starksboro, 159-8; Kirk Roscoe, Starksboro, 159-8; Joshua Rochon, Lincoln, 155-3; Kevin Clark, Leicester, 151- 5; Jeremy Lattrell, Lincoln, 151-5; Jason Miller, Hancock, 151-9; Nicholas Ouellette, Monkton, 150- 8; John Gillette, Monkton, 150-7; Ronald Gorton, New Haven, 149- 8; and Percy Jennings, Charlotte, 149-8. 
Also, Shelby Meunier, Monkton, 148-6; David Patterson, Lincoln, 146-7; Linwood Chamberlain, Cornwall, 145-4; John Chamberlain, New Haven, 143-4; Victor Fifield, Shoreham, 142-6; Donald Lathrop, Bristol, 142-6; Sean Kingman, New Haven, 138- 6; Kenneth Wiggin, Starksboro, 135-8; Kyle Bedell, Williston, 134- 8; and Matthew Holland, Bristol, 133-6. 
Also, Jonathan Martin, Middlebury, 131-8; Kyle Dacres, Bristol, 131-6; Philip Lenz, Bristol, 131-4; Michael Danyow, Bristol, 128-5; Charles Johnson, Monkton, 127-8; Kiley Sorrell, Charlotte, 125-4; Scott Heath, Starksboro, 123-4; Conrad Marsano, Ripton, 123-8; Corey Shepard, Starksboro, 122-6; and Charles Commiskey, Middlebury, 120-4. 
Also, Lance Perlee, Bristol, 119-4; Joseph Zeno, Middlebury, 119-4; Jared Malzac, Ripton, 117- 4; Francis Jennings, Starksboro, 117-3; Jason Twenge, Charlotte, 116-6; Jacob Lathrop, Bristol, 114- 4; Nick Lossman, Bristol, 114-3; Cody Cyr, Bristol, 112-7; Timothy Jimmo, Lincoln, 112-3; Connor Contois, Hinesburg, 112-3; and Jeffrey Sturtevant, Bristol, 107-3. 

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