County’s rifle season sees record numbers

HEIDI VINCENT SHOWS off the impressive eight-point rack on this 169-pound deer she shot in Starksboro. County weigh stations saw a record number of deer during the recently completed rifle hunting season.

ADDISON COUNTY — The 2019 deer rifle season in Addison County finished Sunday as the most successful for local hunters since 2005, when Vermont wildlife officials banned shooting spikehorn bucks during the 16-day season.
Hunters during this rifle season brought 594 bucks to be weighed at one of the county’s seven wildlife reporting stations, breaking the record of 571 set just a year ago.
Plentiful feed contributed to a large and healthy deer herd, which gave hunters more targets, experts said. Also, weather conditions generally helped hunters during rifle season. A few inches of snow and cold — but not frigid — weather, meant good tracking.
“We had snow on the ground the whole time,” said John Kipp, owner of Rack ’N Reel in New Haven.
The rifle numbers also kept 2019 on track to become a landmark year for county deer hunters overall.
The rifle season record followed a new mark for Youth Hunting Weekend (142) and a strong archery season in October (an updated total of 258, just short of 2018’s record 274).
If December’s muzzleloader/bow season — it runs from Dec. 7 to 15 — approaches 2018’s high-water mark of 370, the year 2019 could set another new record.
So far this year county weigh stations — Rack ’N Reel, Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, Buxton’s Store in Orwell, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, Lincoln General Store, West Addison General Store, and C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury — have handled 995 deer.
If those reporting stations handle another 351 deer during the upcoming muzzleloader/bow season, 2019 will become the most productive deer-hunting season since the spikehorn ban and top 2018’s all-season total of 1,345.
Regardless of the numbers, hunters and weigh station operators alike have already made plenty of memories during this year’s deer seasons.
Lincoln General Store owner Vaneasa Stearns said rifle season means 16 days straight at the shop, but like others at the reporting stations she always enjoys chatting with the hunters — and taking and displaying photos of them smiling with their deer.
“There’s been a lot of stories and camaraderie,” Stearns said.

The latest archery season numbers are based on a list provided by Fish & Wildlife Department Deer Project Leader Nick Fortin. Hunters continued to mention that they had been omitted from published deer lists from one weigh station, Rack ’N Reel in New Haven. One was the fault of the reporter in typing the lists, while others appear to be the result a persistent software glitch — Rack ’N Reel has made every effort to provide complete lists of successful hunters.
These hunters also were successful during archery season, and we apologize for their omission and thank a few of them for alerting us (listed with town of kill and deer details):
Charlie Hahn, Monkton, 144 pounds, 6-point buck; Debra Bessette, Ferrisburgh, buck 136-4; Chase Stokes, Ferrisburgh, buck 136-4; Joseph Fortune, Ferrisburgh, 124-pound doe; Erik Dabbs, Panton, 119-pound doe; Erik Carruth, Ferrisburgh, 109-pound doe; Kevin Masse, New Haven, 104-pound doe; and Anthony Miller, Charlotte, 90-pound doe.

Among the many deer brought down during the final two weeks of the 16-day rifle season were several trophy bucks. Kody Ploof shot a 219-pound, 9-pointer in New Haven that was the largest buck of the season and had it weighed at Rack ’N Reel; Tyler Ducharme killed his 216-pound, 8-pointer in Huntington and took it to the Lincoln General Store; and Wayne Newton took down a 194-pound, 7-pointer in Cornwall and drove it to Buxton’s Store.
During opening weekend Chris Hanson brought down a 216 pounder with an 8-point rack that Buxton’s Store weighed, and Rack ’N Reel handled a pair of big bucks, a 205-pound, 6-pointer Tracy Clark shot in Starksboro, and a 203-pound, 5-pointer Taylor Bessette killed in New Haven.
Many hunters shot bucks with racks worthy of being mounted on walls, including five 10-pointers.
Buxton’s Store handled three of them, a 187-pounder taken by Dennis Patterson in Goshen, and two shot in Sudbury, William Maloy’s 176-pounder and Robert Ketcham’s 165-pounder.
Rack ’N Reel weighed the other two, a 169-pounder Justin Lalumiere shot in Ferrisburgh and a 134-pounder Adam Crary killed in Ripton.
The following hunters brought down deer between Nov. 18 and Dec. 1. They are listed by name, town of kill, and pounds and points:

Peter Ryan, Lincoln, 148-6; Gary Barclay, Lincoln, 138-5; Edward Lafayette Jr., Lincoln, 145-3; Lawrence Masterson, Lincoln, 124-6; Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 152-7; Larry Haskins, Huntington, 110-4; Austin Lafayette, Lincoln, 128-4; Christopher Lampert, Starksboro, 147-9; Adam Thompson, Granville, 155-8; Michael Donnelly, Lincoln, 110-6; Tod Sisco, Starksboro, 133-4; Richard Lucia, Huntington, 124-4; and Justin Donnelly, Starksboro, 131-4.
Also, Robert Lowell, Starksboro, 123-6; Robert Patterson, Hancock, 168-7; Peter Brown, Lincoln, 134-4; Alan Clark, Lincoln, 170-8; Tyler Ducharme, Huntington, 216-8; Adam Thomas, Lincoln, 137-4; Dennis Filion, Salisbury, 133-8; Jody Brown, Lincoln, 132-6; Jason Cousino, Lincoln, 123-7; Victor Atkins, Lincoln, 155-8; Dustin Haselton, Huntington, 131-8; Roy Catella, Warren, 145-6; and David Raposa, Starksboro, 136-3.

Rick Miller, Middlebury, 122-4; Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 159-8; and Maurice Rheaume, Salisbury, 115-4.

Kevin Payne, Bridport, 180-7; Christopher Thomas, Bridport, 105-4; Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, 146-4; Brian Gero, Shoreham, 140-7; Dale Bushey, Lincoln, 105-3; Michael Quesnel, Bridport, 145-5; Wendy Mason, Shoreham, 140-8; Jeff Bishop, Shoreham, 129-4; Charles Bradford, Addison, 170-6; Timothy Blanchard, Addison, 105-4; and Jacqueline Botala, Charlotte, 116-4.
Also, Charles Ringer, Weybridge, 150-3; Peter Smith, Addison, 167-7; Peter Smith Jr., Addison, 120-4; Christopher Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 138-8; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 156-5; Shawn Richards, Addison, 162-5; Timothy Flynn, Waltham, 104-5; and Gabriel Laberge, Shoreham, 157-4.

David Munson, Cornwall, 192-8; Robert Karzmarczyk, Ripton, 181-7; William Lang, Bridport, 177-9; Brent Perkins, Addison, 175-5; Donald Sisters, Ferrisburgh, 172-5; Robert Dayton, Ripton, 168-8; Jeffrey Delphia, Salisbury, 165-8; Daniel Thomas, Bridport, 162-8; Fred Raymond, Brandon, 160-9; and Kirk Ringey, Cornwall, 155-8.
Also, Michael Keeler, Middlebury, 155-5; Levi Doria, Pawlet, 154-6; Aaron Ouellette, Bridport, 153-8; Matthew Cram, Leicester, 151-4; Dylan Peterson, Salisbury, 151-6; Gary Gorton, Salisbury, 150-6; Richard Dutton, Leicester, 150-8 Patrick White, Middlebury, 149-8; David Wemette, Salisbury, 149-8; and George Tucker, Bridport, 145-8.
Also, Joseph Dragon, Ripton, 145-6; John Huss, Ripton, 145-6; Mark Ringey, Cornwall, 145-5; Paul Cousino, Pittsford, 145-8; Paris Rinder-Goddard, Middlebury, 144-8; Leon Demers, New Haven, 142-4; Ronald Adams, Cornwall, 140-8; Justin Stone, Pittsford, 136-6; Logan Boyer, Ripton, 135-4; and William Kimball, Weybridge, 135-4.
Also, Frank Raymond, Addison, 135-5; Thatcher Trudeau, Salisbury, 134-8; Todd Seguin, Bridport, 131-3; Glen Peck, Ripton, 130-6; Luc Charlebois, Bristol, 129-5; Charles Beazley, Middlebury, Middlebury, 129-9; John Fleury, Ripton, 129-4; Wyatt Cameron, New Haven, 128-7; and Bruce Counihan, Middlebury, 126-5.
Also, Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, 126-4; Keith Tremblay, Goshen, 126-6; Justin Seguin, Weybridge, 125-8; Benjamin Hogan, Cornwall, 125-5; John Parker, Addison, 123-5; Zachary Bruce, Shelburne, 121-6; Shawn Gero, Cornwall, 120-4; Patrick Whitley, Bridport, 118-6; Joshua Larocque, Leicester, 117-6; and Adam Laperle, Ripton, 116-6.
Also, James Nelson, Ripton, 116-4; Scott Quenneville, Leicester, 115-4; Kyle Delabruere, Salisbury, 115-4; Judson Larocque, Bridport, 114-7; Michael Palmer, Ripton, 114-4; Ernest Malzac, Middlebury, 111-5; Kevin Clark, Salisbury, 110-3; and Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 110-4.
Also, Calvin Loven, Cornwall, 110-4; Shawn Devino, Ripton, 109-3; Neil Adams, Ripton, 105-3; Harold Doria, Ripton, 105-4; David Wimett, Brandon, 103-4; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 100-5; and Raymond Gale, Salisbury, 81-4.

Will Madison, Shoreham, 152-4; Brent Warren, Sudbury, 147-5; Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 125-4; Paul Maynard, Orwell, 177-8; Jeremy Audet, Orwell, 115-4; Joseph Nartowicz, Orwell, 134-5; Dylan Lanpher, Shoreham, 152-4; Allen Alger, Orwell, 133-4; John Noble, Benson, 125-8; Pamela Bedard, Cornwall, 150-4; and Joseph Buxton, Orwell, 154-6.
Also, Jacob Kemp, Orwell, 122-8; Eric Steele, Hancock, 158-8; Eric Manning, Shoreham, 125-3; Stephen Myrick, Bridport, 138-3; Timothy Williams, Whiting, 165-7; Jay Smits, Shoreham, 160-7; John Gosselin, Shoreham, 177-7; Peter Connor, Whiting, 148-8; Dennis Patterson, Goshen, 187-10; and Alexa Love, Orwell, 132-6.
Also, Todd Babbie, Orwell, 125-6; William Maloy, Sudbury, 176-10; Tim Davis, Cornwall, 136-8; Mark LeBeau, Shoreham, 135-5; Michael Bruno, West Haven, 149-6; Ryant Morgan, Orwell, 157-3; John Quinn, Poultney, 135-6; Wayne Newton, Cornwall, 194-7; Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, 128-4; and Derrick Clifford, Orwell, 118-4.
Also, Travis Whittemore, Bridport, 109-3; Norman Grenier, Sudbury, 112-4; Sam Hoisington, Orwell, 125-6; River Payne, Cornwall, 147-6; Brooke Ryan, Cornwall, 137-5; Barry Delphia, Leicester, 177-4; Edward Bell, Goshen, 150-6; Stephen Bruyneel, Orwell, 187-6; Gary Arnold, Orwell, 130-6; Shawn Cook, Castleton, 132-6; and Troy Audet, Bridport, 162-4.
Also, Carter Audet, Orwell, 120-4; Jon Audet, Orwell, 143-6; Nathaniel Young, Orwell, 139-5; Brian Kemp, Orwell, 139-7; Robert Ketcham, Sudbury, 165-10; Ken Savage, Poultney, 110-4; Jesse Hults, West Haven, 152-6; Devin Russell, Orwell, 137-6; Bruce Potter, Sudbury, 114-3; Ron Parent, Orwell, 175-4; and Brian Desforges, Bridport, 155-6.
Also, Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, 131-4; Nicholas Audet, Bridport, 130-4; Kristin Nolan, Shoreham, 105-4; Steve Myrick, Bridport, 145-6; Randy Ryan, Shoreham, 118-8; Nicolas Macey, Weybridge, 165-9; James McCray, Shoreham, 150-6; Gary Hill, Benson, 154-4; Lee Lapell, West Haven, 127-3; and Dominic Cillo, Hubbardton, 135-7.
Also, Kassidy Book, West Haven, 144-4; Fletcher Crane, Sudbury, 120-4; Thomas Blackbird, West Haven, 130-5; Jesse Bragdon, Bridport, 150-6; Benjamin Wallen, Ferrisburgh, 162-4; Daniel Redondo, Orwell, 171-5; Douglas New, Leicester, 100-3; Steve Quinn, Whiting, 104-4; Carol Quenneville, Whiting, 123-5; and Grace Paquette, Shoreham, 120-3.
Also, Benjamin Cardinal, Orwell, 180-7; Scott Douglas, Shoreham, 164-8; Benjamin Allen, Ferrisburgh, 162-4; Alan Christian, Orwell, 160-8; Charles Bourgeois, Shoreham, 153-4; Rupert LaRock, Sudbury, 150-8; Kassidy Book, West Haven, 144-4; and Bradley Disorda, Hubbardton, 132-6.

Kody Ploof, New Haven, 219-9; Donald Morgan, Starksboro, 192-8; Brian Lafleche, Addison, 192-6; Peter Cousino, Huntington, 189-8; Kelsey Armell, Hinesburg, 185-8; Thomas Kilbourn, Addison, 182-8; Wayne Stearns Jr., Ferrisburgh, 172-8; Justin Lalumiere, Ferrisburgh, 169-10; Anthony Miller, Monkton, 168-7; and Eben Clifford, Shoreham, 168-5.
Also, Zachary Comeau, Panton, 166-6; Jason Barnard, Starksboro, 166-6; Benjamin Cram, Cornwall, 163-8; Alexis Lathrop, Bristol, 161-8; Daren Muzzy, Ferrisburgh, 160-9; Kyle Cousino, Starksboro, 159-7; Jeffrey Fortune, Ferrisburgh, 158-8; Danny Grace, Bristol, 156-6; Adam Lafountain, Starksboro, 155-5; and Brent Jocelyn, Bristol, 155-8.
Also, Benjamin Comai, Charlotte, 155-8; Andrew Tracy, Monkton, 155-8; Jody Conant, Weybridge, 155-5; Jesse Therrien, New Haven, 154-6; Walter Stone, Monkton, 153-7; Thomas Mack, Charlotte, 152-6; Beau Gevry, New Haven, 149-4; Gerald Laberge, Ferrisburgh, 148-6; Dustin Wright, Weybridge, 147-5; and Craig Newton, Waltham, 147-7.
Also, Alan Bessette, New Haven, 146-6; Geoffrey Lavalette, Monkton, 146-8; Shaun O’Connor, Lincoln, 146-4; John Palmer, New Haven, 146-7; Alan Whitney, Monkton, 144-7; Aaron Phillips, Monkton, 144-6; Bruce Cheever, New Haven, 142-5; Brian Morin, Addison, 142-8; Tyler Vincelette, Bristol, 142-8; and Mark Livingston, New Haven, 140-6.
Also, Brian Novak, Middlebury, 137-4; Sophie Hatch, Ferrisburgh, 134-3; Adam Crary, Ripton, 134-10; Jason Kittredge, New Haven, 133-8; Michael Hinsdale, Ferrisburgh, 133-6; John Campbell, Weybridge, 133-8; Mitchell Jackman, Waltham, 132-8; Terry Norris, Shoreham, 130-5; and Michael Grace, Starksboro, 129-5.
Also, Scott Gustin, Monkton, 128-4; Rejean Lafleche, Ferrisburgh, 127-5; Michael Lucier, Ferrisburgh, 127-5; Ethan Gevry, Addison, 124-7; Nicholas Cook, Ferrisburgh, 122-5; Phillip Williams, Cornwall, 122-3; Ronald Maynard, Huntington, 121-6; Scott Hance, Starksboro; and Daniel Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 118-4.
Also, Seth Clifford, Starksboro, 118-5; Raymond Highter, Middlebury, 116-4; Ernest Cousino, Charlotte, 116-4; Shawn Lacey, Williston, 115-3; Taylor Paul, Monkton, 114-3; Dennis Brinkman, Bridport, 112-5; Christopher Miller, Ferrisburgh, 109-3; Michael Dragon, Middlebury, 109-5; and Ben Cayer, Monkton, 107-3.
Also, Carter Harvey, Charlotte, 106-3; Timothy Paquette, Waltham, 105-4; Benjamin Huston, New Haven, 104-6; Lewis Mudge, Charlotte, 104-3; Chauncy Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 103-4; Andrea Harvey, Charlotte, 100-5; Langdon Smith, New Haven, 100-5; Peter Fenn, Charlotte, 94-6; and Justin Borah, Charlotte, 94-5.

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