County hunters set yet another record

THE ENTIRE HARTMAN family joined dad Eric Hartman when he brought the 141-pound, 4-point buck he shot in Starksboro on Sunday to be weighed at the Lincoln General Store on Monday. Pictured on the left are Sarah Hartman holding daughter Faye and on the right Eric Hartman holding son Will.

ADDISON COUNTY — The opening weekend of rifle deer season continued a trend in recent years: It set a new record for deer weighed at Addison County’s wildlife reporting stations during the first two days of the season.
The record dates back to 2005, when the Department of Fish & Wildlife changed the law to ban shooting spikehorn bucks without defined antler points.  
In all, the county’s seven weigh stations handled 276 deer that were killed on this past Saturday and Sunday, the first two days of the 16-day season that allows rifle hunters to shoot bucks with at least three antler points.
The previous best weekend since 2005, per station operators’ reports to the Addison Independent, came in 2016, when hunters had 249 bucks weighed in Addison County. In 2016 county hunters set a record for the complete rifle-season with a total of 573 deer.
The 276 bucks brought down this past weekend bring this year’s deer kill total to 643, also including the strong number of 225 taken during October’s archery season and the record total of 142 killed during November’s Youth Hunting Weekend.
That puts the 2019 total 185 deer ahead the record-setting pace from 2018, when hunters had 1,345 deer weighed in Addison County.
That final 2018 number included 571 in rifle season, 110 during Youth Hunting Weekend, 274 in the October archery season, and a record 390 in December’s combined muzzleloader/bow season.
But by the same point in the season, 2019 leads 2018 by 643-459.
If the trend continues 2019 could be the fourth straight year a record is set.
The year 2018 broke the previous year’s record of 1,189, and in turn 2017 topped 2016’s record haul of 1,064.
Plentiful feed has created a healthy herd, according to state and local wildlife experts. Vermont Field Sports manager Greg Boglioli said tracking hunters did particularly well this past weekend in the mountains and higher hills, where the snow remained powdery and allowed hunters to follow deer quietly and catch them feeding on abundant acorns and other nuts.
Snow was crustier in the valley floors and alerted deer to hunters’ footsteps, Boglioli said, and hunters waiting in deer stands sometimes fared better at lower elevations.
Workers at the most popular weigh stations said hunters kept them busy this past weekend. New Haven’s Rack ’N Reel alone handled 92 deer that were shot on Saturday and Sunday, while Orwell’s Buxton Store reported a site-record 73.
“My arm’s sore from cranking them up,” reported Rack ’N Reel employee David Bannister on Monday afternoon.

Three bucks taken weighed more than 200 pounds, another three topped 190, and 17 more tipped the scales at more than 180.
Chris Hanson brought down the largest buck, a 216 pounder with an 8-point rack that Buxton’s Store weighed. Rack ’N Reel handled the other 200-pounders, a 205-pound, 6-pointer Tracy Clark shot in Starksboro, and a 203-pound, 5-pointer Taylor Bessette killed in New Haven.
Also of note was the 199-pound, 8-point trophy buck that Tim Butler shot in Bristol and hauled to Green Mountain Trails End in that town.
Another 199-pounder was taken by Paul Deering during bow season and weighed at Rack ’N Reel, but that buck was apparently lost in a computer glitch and not reported to the Independent. Its addition raised the archery total to 225.
Weigh station operators and hunters alike commented on the number of sizeable antler racks. Three deer taken had 10-point racks:
•  Tyson Rotax shot a 172 pound, 10-pointer in Ripton that was weighed at the Lincoln General Store.
•  Daniel Euber’s 181-pound, 10-pointer and Nathan James’ 141-pound, 10-pointer were both shot in New Haven and weighed at Rack ’N Reel.
Green Mountain Trails End owner Robbie Bedell raved about what he called one of the nicest antler racks he had ever seen: Erin Dalley brought in a 142-pound buck with an 11-point rack that Bedell said had a 22-inch span from tip to tip.
The following hunters had bucks weighed at one of the seven county weigh stations (also including C&S Shooting Sports in East Middlebury and West Addison General Store) after shooting them on Nov. 16 or 17. The are listed by hunter, town of kill, and pounds-points:

Brent Perkins, Addison, 175 pounds-5 points; Kirk Ringey, Cornwall, 155-8; Donald Sisters, Ferrisburgh, 172-5; Timothy Laframboise, Cornwall, 180-9; Michael Ash, Middlebury, 119-4; Richard Terk, Ripton, 105-4; Terry Hier, Weybridge, 130-7; Ethan Dragon, Ripton, 145-8; Tyler Hansen, Cornwall, 130-4; and David Dupoise, Ripton, 160-8.
Also, Robert James, Weybridge, 117-7; Jay Malinowski, Leicester, 120-5; Nicholas Madison, Shoreham, 165-8; Peter Funk, Cornwall, 135-6; Thomas Floody, Ripton, 113-5; Justin Malzac, Middlebury, 115-5; Blake Emilo-Webb, Ripton 169-8; Stephen Aruzza, Middlebury, 137-6; Joshua Quinn, Ripton, 145-8; and Danny Dragon, Ripton, 125-4.
Also, Lee Terrier, Cornwall, 125-4; Victor Quenneville, Ripton, 104-4; Harley Grice, Middlebury, 135-5; Timothy Whitney, Shoreham, 119-5; Gary Whitman, Ripton, 105-4; William Orvis, Ripton, 173-9; Steven Fifield, Cornwall, 136-8; Douglas Butler, Cornwall, 136-6; and Daniel Wimett, Brandon, 140-8.
Also, Gene Torrey, Salisbury, 163-8; Albert Thalen, Cornwall, 107-4; Matthew Broughton, Bridport, 137-4; Chuck Steady, Goshen, 154-4; Thomas Fitzpatrick, Cornwall, 132-5; Dylan Nop, Ripton, 117-5; Morgan Dragon, Ripton, 154-6; Karl Kaufmann, Bridport, 133-9; Morgan Laroche, Salisbury, 147-5; Nicholas Desjadon, Salisbury, 105-7; Lucas Whitney, Shoreham, 130-4; and Meagan Porter, New Haven, 135-4.

Richard Miller, Middlebury, 122-4, and Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 159-8.

Tim Patterson, Orwell, 165-6; Lilly Cotell, Orwell, 142-8; Amanda Russell, Orwell, 187-8; Glen Telgen, Shoreham, 112-3; Mike Bethel, Castleton, 109-3; Zach Booska, Orwell, 170-8; Dan Ellis, Orwell, 147-6; Mikey Dame, Whiting, 128-5; Dave Sheldrick, Shoreham, 133-8; and Brad Disorda, Hubbardton, 133-6.
Also, Chris Hanson, Orwell, 216-8; Haley Palin, Orwell, 125-4; Morgan Bertrand, Orwell, 185-8; Addison Choquette, Sudbury, 150-7; Darryl Davis, Shoreham, 147-7; Brock Quesnel, Orwell, 150-8; Tim Little, Bridport, 126-6; Johnathan Hescock, Shoreham, 187-8; and Hunter Payne, Cornwall, 147-6.
Also, Jeff Hornbeck, Shoreham, 181-6; Ian O’Brien, Orwell, 161-7; Paul Parent, Orwell, 174-7; Roger Dunn, Orwell, 137-3; Ronald Swenor, Orwell, 159-7; Lawrence Bishop, Orwell, 126-5; Rodney Bourdeau, Salisbury, 139-6; Justin Campanelli, West Haven, 162-4; Alan Christian, Orwell, 160-8; Chris Gorman, Bridport, 130-3; 130-3; and Jack Ryan, Castleton, 175-8.
Also, Bill Ryan, Castleton, 135-6; CJ Bourgeois, Shoreham, 153-4; Bruce Payne, Bridport, 182-7; Ed Paluba, Orwell, 142-4; Ashley Bishop, Shoreham, 146-4; Thomas Bouchard, Whiting, 184-4; Jonathan Steffen, Shoreham, 137-4; Mort Pierpont, Salisbury, 181-8; Todd Larrow, Shoreham, 137-8; Zakk Williams, Sudbury, 145-8; and Adrien Brower, Fair Haven, 120-5.
Also, Mike Eastman, Orwell, 150-8; Jim Gill, Cornwall, 167-6; William Tenzer, Orwell, 168-7; Jack Clifford, Hubbardton, 118-6; Sean O’Brien, Orwell, 150-7; Rupert LaRock Sr., Sudbury, 150-8; David Hanson, Cornwall, 145-7; James McEvilla, Shoreham, 122-4; Christopher Davis, Shoreham, 122-4; Michael Matot, Shoreham, 151-8; Paul Gosselin, Whiting, 187-8; and Eric Hall, Leicester, 150-6.
Also Scott Douglas, Shoreham, 164-8; Jeff Booska, Orwell, 150-5; Nick Madison, Shoreham, 160-6; Jack Almeida, Orwell, 145-4; Sawyer Cadoret, Shoreham, 140-3; Brian Orleans, Orwell, 190-8; Jim Ryan, Shoreham, 156-6; Forest Maynard, Orwell, 143-5; Fred Russell, Orwell, 185-2; and Bill Walsh, Clarendon, 140-4.

Jason Campbell, Addison, 163-5; Michael Johnston, Addison, 160-6; Steven Filion, Addison, 150-5; Steven Weber, Ryegate, 140-6; Kelly Kayhart, Waltham, 135-5; Kristian Ashley, Ferrisburgh, 127-7; and Kevin Sullivan, Ripton, 123-5.

Tim Butler, Bristol, 199-8; Adam Whitcomb, Starksboro, 186-8; Lucius Cousino, Bristol, 186-8; Gary Briggs, Lincoln, 181-6; Larry Butler, New Haven, 177-5; Russell Sherman, Bristol, 176-6; Mcgregor Butler, Middlebury, 172-6; Stephen Butler, Bristol, 166-7; Anthony Andrews, Fayston, 162-8; and Frank Lossmann, Lincoln, 160-8.
Also, John Chamberlain, Lincoln, 160-8; William Swett, Starksboro, 160-7; Brian Heffernan, Starksboro, 156-6; David Livingston, Bristol, 151-7; Edward Lafayette, Lincoln, 150-6; Ashley Flemings, Cornwall, 147-7; Jamison Huizenga, Monkton, 146-6; Erin Dalley, Bristol, 142-11; Leon Demers, New Haven, 140-4; and Craig Shepard, Bristol, 139-7.
Also, Mark Niden, Bristol, 139-8; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 136-6; Jackie Gorton, Bristol, 133-6; Bayly Larock, Hinesburg, 130-5; Kirk Jennings, Starksboro, 130-3; Ryan Whitcomb, Starksboro, 128-8; David Huizenga, Monkton, 127-8; Joshua Sherman, Bristol, 125-6; Pamela Lathrop, Starksboro, 125-4; and David Whitcomb, Starksboro, 123-4.
Also, Jeffrey Barnes, Cornwall, 123-5; Jenna Lossman, Bristol, 119-4; Daniel Heath, New Haven, 114-3; Nolan Whitcomb, Starksboro, 114-4; Zechariah Rheaume, New Haven, 108-5; Andrew Rheaume, New Haven, 108-5; Matthew Myers, Bristol, 101-3; Cory Jennings, Hinesburg, 101-4; Ryan Smith, Monkton, 100-4; and Kristin Butler, Bristol, 97-4.

Chuck Norton, Lincoln, 127-5; David Lee, Starksboro, 115-4; Ronald Brown, Lincoln, 161-5; Adam Donnelly, Lincoln, 153-4; Jacob Peirce, Lincoln, 136-4; Frank Bryan, Starksboro, 137-4; Kim Couture, Ripton, 133-3; Jacob Lee, Starksboro, 151-4; Steven Weaver, Huntington, 152-8; Eric Gracie, Lincoln, 147-6; Tyson Rotax, Ripton, 172-10; and Tom Millette, Lincoln, 127-7.
Also, Nathan Wallace-Gusakov, Lincoln, 147-4; Ed Campbell, Starksboro, 126-6; David Jerome, Lincoln, 140-5; Matt Brown, Lincoln, 135-7; Chris Jerome, Lincoln, 167-7; Nathan Reynolds, Lincoln, 176-6; Eric Hartman, Starksboro, 141-4; and Daniel Harris, Starksboro, 135-8.

Tracy Clark, Starksboro, 205-6; Taylor Bessette, New Haven, 203-5; Randy Cameron, Ferrisburgh, 195-6; Danny Clark, Addison, 188-8; Edward White, Bristol, 180-8; Bradley Boucher, Bristol, 180-8; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 180-8; Michael Forbes, Bristol, 179-6; Kathryn Kayhart, Waltham, 179-8; and Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 179-6.
Also, Kaian Richards-Wilkes, Monkton, 179-8; Eugene Charlebois, Monkton, 178-6; William Vaughan, Monkton, 177-8; Carl Laberge, Bristol, 177-8; Samuel Martin, Charlotte, 173-8; Daniel Euber, New Haven, 171-10; Philip Hardway, Addison, 171-8; Bailey Smith, Ferrisburgh, 170-8; Heidi Vincent, Starksboro, 169-8; and Alexander Newton, Waltham, 164-6.
Also, Davin Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 163-8; Shawn Roscoe, Bristol, 163-8; Timothy Davis, Addison, 162-6; Bruce Smith, Monkton, 162-8; Jeffrey Audy, New Haven, 162-7; Jacob Kadric, Ferrisburgh, 162-8; Daniel Hebert, Weybridge, 161-6; Sean Kehoe, Charlotte, 159-4; Rheal Gevry, Addison, 158-6; and John Vaudrien, Middlebury, 158-7.
Also, Charles Paolontonio, Monkton, 158-8; Henry Bissonette, Jay, 158-5; Ronald Kerr, Shoreham, 157-6; Dean Ouellette, Orwell, 156-8; Richard Greene, Charlotte, 155-8; Matthew Badger, Monkton, 155-7; Casey Huizenga, Monkton, 154-6; Eric Raymond, 154-8; Gregory Cousino, New Haven, 152-6; and Gary Grant, Bridport, 151-6.
Also, Jeffrey Jerger, Ferrisburgh, 150-6; Lucas Smith, New Haven, 150-6; Devon Campbell, Addison, 150-3; and Margaret Lattrell, Lincoln, 149-6; Seth Kittredge, Bristol, 149-5; Peter Norris, New Haven, 143-4; Tony Bushey, Ferrisburgh, 143-8; Michael Hurlburt, Monkton, 142-4; Brendon Huestis, Ferrisburgh, 142-5; and Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, 142-7.
Also, Robert Benoure, Grand Isle, 142-6; Nathan James, New Haven, 141-10; Stephen Gutowski, Ferrisburgh, 141-4; Jason Harvey, Charlotte, 140-8; Daniel Valentine, New Haven, 139-3; Mark Bowen, Ferrisburgh, 139-5; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 139-5; Abigail St. George, Charlotte, 139-4; Jordan Fleming, Addison, 138-4; and Eugene Aube, Bristol, 137-6.
Also, Caylib Gaboriault, Huntington, 137-7; Andrew Ianni, Ferrisburgh, 137-8; Daniel Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 137-4; Kim Goodell, New Haven, 137-6; Joshua Steadman, New Haven, 137-5; Timothy Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 133-5; Joseph Epler, Chester, 133-5; Ayden Trombley, Cornwall, 131-8; and Justin Fitzsimmons, Ferrisburgh, 131-4.
Also, Scott Jarvis, New Haven, 130-4; Francis Lalumiere, Weybridge, 130-6; Daniel Cheever, Middlebury, 130-4; Joseph Martin, Charlotte, 130-5; Dylan Preston, Addison, 129-5; Philip Livingston, New Haven, 129-3; Jonathan Cousino, Monkton, 129-4; Trevor Hallock, Salisbury, 125-4; James Brinkman, Ferrisburgh, 124-3; and Brian Cota, Monkton, 124-7.
Also, Frank Stanley, Monkton, 122-6; Jason Whittemore, Waltham, 120-6; Andy Gendreau, Monkton, 119-4; Victor Raymond, Charlotte, 118-4; Sam Hurlburt, Monkton, 117-6; Greg Vincent, Middlebury, 117-3; Daniel Flynn, Addison, 116-5; Scott Curtis, Monkton, 114-5; and Leman Bronson, Monkton, 109-3.
Also, Eric Jennings, Monkton, 106-6; Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 106-4; Brian Lavoie, Cornwall, 103-3; Ben Freund, Monkton, 102-4; Joshua Baldwin, New Haven, 101-3; Logan Ambrose, New Haven, 99-4; Matthew Sweeney, New Haven, 98-3; and Joe Gallese, Charlotte, 90-4.

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