Local archery season saw strong numbers but few trophy bucks

ADDISON COUNTY — This year’s archery season for deer, which began on Oct. 5 and concluded on Nov. 1, proved to be the second most successful in the past decade in Addison County, as measured by deer weighed at the county’s official reporting stations.
During the season, archers brought 224 deer to the county’s seven stations: Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, Buxton’s Store in Orwell, Rack ’N Reel in New Haven, Green Mountain Trail’s End in Bristol, C&S Shooting Sports in East Middlebury, and the Lincoln and West Addison General Stores.
Over the past decade, that total trailed only that of 2018’s 274. In 2018, the county’s weigh stations handled a record 1,345 deer, combining the totals of archery season, Youth Hunting Weekend, November’s rifle season, and December’s muzzleloader/bow season.
That 2018 combined total was the county’s best since 2005, when the Department of Fish & Wildlife banned shooting spikehorn bucks during rifle season. The county’s second-best overall total of 1,189 came in 2017, when archery season yielded 161 deer.
Archery season has become more productive in recent years in Addison County. Archers brought down 206 deer in both 2016 and 2015, the best local bow season results over the past decade except for 2018 and 2019.
Despite the undeniably good numbers during this past archery season, some local weigh station operators pointed to the relative lack of trophy bucks they handled. They noted it was unusual that no bow hunter brought a deer to be weighed that tipped the scales at 200 pounds or more.
“There weren’t really a lot of nice deer. Most of them were does,” said Andy Buxton of Buxton’s Store, which weighed 59 deer.
Typically his Main Street store handles a couple of 200-pounders, but the largest taken to Buxton’s was a 177-pound, 6-point buck that David Hanson brought down in Cornwall.
The largest two deer weighed in Addison County were actually both taken in Chittenden County and were among the 41 animals handled by Rack ’N Reel. Sterling Pelsue killed a 196-pound, 7-pointer in Charlotte, and Shawn Lacey brought down a 190-pound, 9-pointer in Williston.
Within county limits, hunters killed four bucks that tipped the scales at more than 180 pounds. Vermont Field Sports weighed Jeffrey Owen’s 186-pound, 8-pointer, taken in Leicester, and Mike Patnaude’s 184-pound, 5-pointer, taken in Monkton. Green Mountain Trail’s End handled Casey Butler’s 186-pound, 6-pointer he shot in Middlebury, and John Chamberlain’s 183-pound, 6-pointer he killed in Lincoln.
The following hunters had deer weighed in Addison County during the Oct. 5-Nov. 1 archery season, listed by town of kill, pounds (if does), and pounds and points, if bucks:

Anthony Sargent, Lincoln, doe 100; David Brown, Lincoln, doe 116; Justin Malzac, Ripton, doe 120; Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, doe 107; Jackson Desautels, Lincoln, doe 120; Victor Atkins, Lincoln, doe 105; Ross Norton, Lincoln, male fawn; Tom Hanley, Lincoln, doe 106; Joshua Kruger, Huntington, buck 161-9; David Degerbchie, Huntington, buck 152-4; Herb Glidden, Lincoln, doe 126; Brian Donnelly, Lincoln, doe 98; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, doe 105; and Jackson Desautels, Lincoln, doe 104.

Christopher Mongeur, Castleton doe 110; Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, doe 147; Brian Kemp, Sudbury, buck 166-3; Rupert LaRock, Shoreham, buck 157-6; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, buck 151-4; Mort Pierpont, Leicester, doe 106; Alex Wigginton, Orwell, doe 152; Jennifer Gramling, Shoreham, doe 110; Zakk Williams, Sudbury, 113-4; Matthew Snow, Brandon, doe 107; and Brian Desforges, Bridport, doe 118.
Also, Timothy Little, Bridport, buck 130-3; Raymond Bradish, Orwell, buck 170-6; Abigail LaRock, Shoreham, buck 147-5; Duane Kehoe, Shoreham, doe 120; Christopher Davis, Shoreham, doe 137; Timothy Smith, Brandon, doe 108; Benjamin Alger, Orwell, doe 118; Jared Wilcox, Hubbardton, doe 116; Lester Little, Orwell, buck 126-6; Barry Delphia, Brandon, buck 174-5; and Emma Birchmore, Shoreham, doe 103.
Also, Daniel Forcier, West Haven, buck 141-3; Randy Jones, Orwell, 107-4; Christopher Abbott, Shoreham, buck 127-5; James Vladyka, Benson, doe 100; Edson Lanpher, Shoreham, doe 135; Allen Alger, Orwell, buck 130-3; Jason Foss, Whiting, doe 152; Lee Lapell, West Haven, doe 108; Michael Chicoine, Shoreham, doe 110; Eric Steele, Pittsfield, buck 174-8; Wyatt Todd, Orwell, buck, 135-3; and David Hanson, Cornwall, buck 177-6.
Also, Russell Nickerson, Orwell, buck 167-4; Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, doe 117; Daniel Ellis, Orwell, doe 127; Christopher Mongeur, Orwell doe 131; Brian Orleans, Orwell, doe 116; Daniel Bedard, Cornwall, doe 106; Matthew Bourgeois, Shoreham, doe 110; Jennifer Gramling, Shoreham, doe 120; Cynthia Myrick, Bridport, doe 116; Gerard Jordan, Fair Haven, doe 130; and Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, doe 154.
Also, Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, buck 154-4; Bruce Potter, Sudbury, buck 151-5; William Maloy, Sudbury, doe 117; Daniel Gosselin, Benson, doe 127; Gary Murdock, Orwell, doe 110; Jim Ryan, Shoreham, doe 112; Bradley Disorda, Cornwall, doe 115; Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, doe 85; Heath Genier, Fair Haven, buck 137-4; Wyatt Traverse, Orwell, buck 100-4; Christopher Davis, Shoreham, doe 114; Jeffrey Reed, Shoreham, buck 132-6; and Benjamin Cardinal, Shoreham, doe 87.

Jeffrey Owen, Leicester, buck 186-8; Mike Patnaude, Monkton, buck 184-5; Calvin Loven, Salisbury, buck 155-8; Matthew Cram, Leicester, buck 153-8; Eric Hathaway, Middlebury, buck 148-5; David Wemette, Middlebury buck 146-7; Michael Forbes, Middlebury, buck 136-5; William Cyr, Weybridge, buck 135-6; Israel Dwire, Salisbury, buck 135-4; Brian Webb, Middlebury, doe 132; and Matthew Debisschop, Cornwall, doe 130.
Also, Jesse Otis, Middlebury, doe 127; Bryan Boise, Cornwall, doe 127; Winston Forbes, New Haven, buck 127-3; Patricia Ringey, Cornwall, doe 125; David Dupoise, Ripton, doe 123; Frank Raymond, Middlebury, buck 120-4; Gene Torrey, Salisbury, buck 119-5; Gregory Raymond, Cornwall, doe 118; Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, buck 118-3; Adin Girard, Bridport, doe 115; and Tallon Real, New Haven, doe 112.
Also, John Austin, Weybridge, buck 112-6; Tyler James, Weybridge, doe 112; Shane Ellis, Middlebury, doe 111; Richard Dutton, Brandon, doe 110; Brent Warren, Salisbury, doe 110; John Peck, Ripton, doe 110; William Geehan, Lincoln, buck 109-3; David Wimett, Sudbury, doe 109; Kevin Carter, Bridport, doe 105; Penny Curler, Middlebury, doe 105; Jeffrey Heney, Cornwall, buck 105-4; and Avery Austin-Neil, Salisbury, doe 104.
Also, Caleb Tucker, Salisbury, doe 103; William Kimball, Weybridge, doe 103; Charles Sargent, Weybridge, doe 103; Morgan LaRoche, Salisbury, doe 100; Robert James, Weybridge, doe 100; Robert Cameron, Middlebury, doe 99; Frank Raymond, Middlebury, doe 97; Colin Foster, Middlebury, doe 97; Pamela Whitney, Shoreham, doe 95; and Wesley Butler, Middlebury, doe 93.
Also Scott Galipeau, Weybridge, doe 93; David Doria, Middlebury, doe 92; Terry Aldrich, Cornwall, doe 89; Philip Cyr, Bridport, doe 87; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, doe 86; Gary Forbes, Middlebury, doe 80; Jesse Otis, Middlebury, male fawn; and David Pepe, Whiting, female fawn.

Sterling Pelsue, Charlotte, buck 196-7; Shawn Lacey, Williston, buck 190-9; James Sweeney, Monkton, buck 173-5; Devin Bradford, Ferrisburgh, buck 162-6; Adam Lafountain, Starksboro, buck 149-7; Christopher Melendy, Bridport, buck 147-4 and doe 111; Dean Ouellette, New Haven, buck 140-6; Tyler Burgess, Panton, doe 136; Pierre Laroche, Salisbury, doe 136 and doe 100; and Lucas Livingston, Bristol, buck 132-4.
Also, Benjamin Turner, Lincoln, doe 129; Chris Coleman, Waitsfield, doe 129; Bjorn Galaske, Ferrisburgh, doe 126 and doe 122; Gary English, Cornwall, doe 124; Travis Kilburn, Ferrisburgh, doe 122; Lucas Smith, New Haven, buck 121-4; Kyle Cousino, Bristol, doe 117; Jason Raymond, Charlotte, buck 116-7; and Krystal Bigelow, Monkton, doe 114.
Also, Brian Morin, New Haven, doe 111; Jeremy Lattrell, Shelburne, doe 111; Alex Lavoie, Weybridge, buck 111-6; Scott Dobrowolski, Eden, doe 110; Robert Bordeau, Essex, doe 110; Eugene Bradford, Ferrisburgh, doe 110; Adam Paquin, Panton, doe 109; Christopher Crane, New Haven, doe 107; and Daniel Bushey, Chittenden, doe 105.
Also, Dustin Tierney, Addison, doe 105; Hunter Pizzagalli, Charlotte, doe 102; Kurt Fischer, Charlotte, doe 102; John Lucia, Bristol, doe 100; Keith Betourney, Bridport, doe 98; James Towle, Addison, doe 98; Ryan Cornellier, Ferrisburgh, doe 97; Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, doe 86; John Curler, Middlebury, male fawn; and Frank Stanley, Monkton, male fawn.

Dusty Grace, Middlebury, doe 133; Christopher Barry, Bristol, buck 135-6; Roger Thompson, Huntington, female fawn; David Patterson, Lincoln, doe 113; Casey Butler, Middlebury, buck 186-6; Anthony Andrews, Lincoln, buck 147-8; David Whitcomb, Starksboro, doe 114; Carla Jimmo, Starksboro, female fawn; Todd Currier, Huntington, doe 95; Christopher Barry, New Haven, doe 93; and Ryan Russin, Starksboro, doe 102.
Also, Nolan Whitcomb, Starksboro, doe 120; Josh Roscoe, Lincoln, female fawn; John Chamberlain, Lincoln, buck 183-6; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, doe 95; Jason Barry, Lincoln, doe 102; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, doe 108; Jerry Butler, Middlebury, buck 170-7; William Forbes, New Haven, doe 108; Danielle Norris, New Haven, doe 103; Matt Myers, Bristol, buck 100-3; and Aaron Dalley, Bristol, doe 94.
Also, Shawn Laurie, Starksboro, doe 107; Charles Desjadon, Salisbury, buck 120-3; John Chamberlain, Lincoln, doe 99; Larry Butler, New Haven, buck 133-4; Ryan Whitcomb, Bristol, doe 103; Donald Pepe, Shoreham, doe 101; Josh Roscoe, Lincoln, doe 107; Anthony Andrews, Warren, doe 114; Wilbert Clark, Lincoln, buck 137-6; Cory Jennings, Hinesburg, doe 121; Robert Twenge, Monkton, doe 99; and Joe Palin, Starksboro, doe 115.

Calvin Stone, New Haven, doe 89; Raymond Germain, New Haven, doe 109; Joshua Moulton, Middlebury, doe 104; Matthew McGuire, Starksboro, doe 105; Nicholas Clark, Shoreham, female fawn; Ron Warner, Cornwall, doe 112.

Roger Bienvenue, Addison, buck 139-4; Steven Weber, Panton, doe 95; Justin Bushey, Weybridge, female fawn; Gabriel Laberge, Shoreham, doe 152; William Brown, Ferrisburgh, doe 90; Kyle Birchmore, Addison, buck 107-4; Michael Nartowicz, Addison, buck 80; Kelley Barrows, Ferrisburgh, doe 110; Kaleb Roberts, Bridport, buck 113-3; and Jamison Bannister, Addison, buck, 130-6.
Also, Richard Thurber, Panton, doe 110; Kaleb Roberts, Shoreham, doe 90; Guy Magnano, Middlebury, doe 97; Daniel White, Ferrisburgh, doe 132; Adam Berno, Cornwall, doe 128; Robert Brigan, Ferrisburgh, buck 75; James Hatch, Ferrisburgh, doe 120; Justin Bushey, Lincoln, female fawn; and Greg McEvilla, Panton, doe 120.

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