What’s the road ahead for electric cars? Find out at Wednesday event in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op will host an educational session on electric cars this Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Addison Country Regional Planning Commission Offices at 14 Seminary St. in Middlebury.
Dave Roberts, the Drive Electric Vermont Coordinator, will give an overview of the types of plug-in electric cars available in Vermont, the different options for purchasing or leasing new or used models, purchase incentives, and charging options at home and on the road.
Taborri Bruhl, an electric vehicle owner for over six years, will speak about his experience with his 1st and 2nd generation Nissan Leafs, and his most recent experience with his Tesla Model 3. The New Haven resident not only commutes in his electric car, but has also crossed the country multiple times in various EVs, so he can speak with authority on range and charging questions you may have regarding long-distance EV travel. Living on a hill with gravel road access, Bruhl can also speak to electric car performance on icy roads, as well as battery performance during cold winter weather.
Acorn Energy Co-op Board Members Ben Marks, owner of a 2018 Chevy Bolt, and Suzy Hodgson with a 2019 Nissan Leaf will also share their recent electric car experiences, including home charging and options for powering with renewable energy. They will also address how they made their purchasing decisions and talk about driver charging etiquette.
“Since the bulk of Vermont’s greenhouse gases come from cars, we need to make big changes in what we drive and how far we drive,” Suzy Hodgson says. “I made the decision last month to swap my conventional gas-powered car for to an electric one to reduce my carbon footprint, given that electricity generation in Vermont has low carbon impacts compared to other states.”
Wednesday’s agenda includes time for light refreshments, questions and answers, sitting in and checking out electric car dashboard displays, and short drives in the parking lot.
The Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op is sponsoring this event as part of its ongoing energy education series.
Can’t make the date? Learn more about electric cars on the Drive Electric Vermont website:

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