Letter to the editor: VUHS students focus on climate

As a county we have a rich history and culture; one that has thrived off of agriculture, as well as the growth of small local businesses. In the beginning, Lake Champlain allowed merchants and farmers to trade their goods throughout New England. Our rich green forest, filled with birdsong, created a booming fur industry. As we have moved into the 20th and 21st century our golden whispering leaves, crisp autumns and world class maple syrup have brought tourists from far and wide into our local businesses. Our natural landscape has continued to serve us well; perfect for raising livestock, our farms have been able to stay local and small in size.
It’s clear to see that I love Addison County and it’s natural beauty, and believe this is a sentiment many of you share. This is why we, the students at Vergennes Union High School, have decided to focus our Peace One Day celebrations around climate change, and are inviting all of you to come and celebrate with us. Peace One Day celebrations at VUHS where started over a decade ago to promote peace, community and understanding. 
Part of such a rich culture and history is a wide range of differing opinions; because of this, Peace One Day this year seeks to honor and celebrate this in the interest of uniting people for the common good and protection of our planet. Students, community members and teachers will be performing and speaking, bringing their different experiences and backgrounds to the event and to the issue of climate change. 
Climate change has become a polarizing issue, and it is hard to deny the warnings from scientists, showing how it will affect us all. Yes we all have our own different opinions with diverse experiences and backgrounds that have shaped them, and I believe we all love the state we call home and want our children, and grandchildren to grow up amidst its natural beauty, and caring, kind, strong people. 
Peace One Day celebrations will be held this Friday, Sept. 20, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. on the VUHS soccer fields, (rain location: high school gym). So bring a blanket, friends and a fork because there will be pie.
Una Fonte 
VUHS 10th grader
on behalf of the Peace One Day organizing committee

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