Creek Road guardrail approved in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — At their Aug. 13 meeting, members of the Middlebury selectboard unanimously agreed to install a combined total of 1,340 linear feet of guardrail along around a dozen sections of Creek Road to steer drivers away from the riverbank and deteriorating portions of the flood-damaged roadway. 
Creek Road will become one way in the sections where guardrail is installed, along a stretch that begins near the Bingham property and extends to the vicinity of the Perrin property. A map of the guardrail locations can be found by logging on to y58du6xr. 
The selectboard made its decision after chatting with the Bingham and Perrin families, who want to maintain safe access to their homes. Officials are studying a long-term solution for Creek Road, which sustains major damage following flood events and has become a very expensive road to maintain for the relatively few residents who live beyond the Vermont Agency of Transportation garage at 341 Creek Rd. 

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