2019 Field Days results: Children’s barnyard displays

NEW HAVEN — The following were recognized in the Children’s Barnyard Displays at Addison County Fair and Field Days.
Child — Under 8: 1. Natalie Layn, Quail; 2. Noah Sheldrick, Rabbit; 3. Timmy Wright, Ducks; 4. Abel Sheldrick, Chicken; 5. Henry Sheldrick, Chicken; 6. Noah Sheldrick, Chicken; 7. Able Sheldrick, Chicken; 8. Henry Sheldrick, Chicken.
Youth — 9-13: 1. Hailey Roberts, Mini Donkeys;  2. Tristan Warner, Rabbit; 3. Tucker Wright, Ducklings; 4. Trevor Wright, Ducks; 5. Wyatt Kennett, Ducks; 6. Kyle Clark, Chicken; 7. 3-way Tie — Sadie Hunt, Star Hotchkiss and Willow Hotchkiss.
Young Adult: 1. Nick Sheldrick: Chicken; 2. Katherine Moran, Chickens; 3. Calvin Kennett, Chickens/Guinea Fowl.
Adult: 1. Virginia Deering: Rabbits;  2. Pam Thomas, Rabbits; 3. Anna Willenbaker, Alpacas.
Youth: 1. Amelia Kennett, Goats
Young Adult: 1. Tucker Kennett, Pidgeons.
Adult: 1. Siri Swanson; 2. Kayla Gevry; 3. Ashlie Bodington.
Primary: 1. Melyssa Lawton with Theodore; 2. Noah Sheldrick with Blueberry; 3. Molly Lawton with Theodore; 4. Molly Wagner with Sable.
Junior: 1. Sierra Roberts with Cinnamon; 2. Willow Hotchkiss with Poppy; 3. Sadie Hunt with Olaf; 4. Star Hotchkiss with Sven.
Novice: 1 Timmy Wright; 2. Avery Carl; 3. McKenna Carl.
Beginners: 1 Trevor Wright; 2. Tucker Wright; 3. William Moran.
Advanced Beginners: 1 Calvin Kennett; 2. Tucker Kennett; 3. Caleb Moran.
Overall Champion: Calvin Kennett.

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