Ways of Seeing: On preventing future suffering

I taught my first yoga classes over thirty years ago, when my teacher and mentor Gayna took her annual two-month long winter trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and asked me to fill in for her while she was away.

Yoga studio promotes equity and inclusion

“Yoga For Every Body” is a slogan that the Otter Creek Yoga Studio started using earlier this summer. It is meant to capture the Middlebury studio’s mission to ensure that it is a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all. 

Ways of Seeing: Discovering the ‘Light’ with yoga

Most people show up to yoga class for gentle movement, deep breathing, and stress reduction, but if they come to my classes they get yoga philosophy too.

Prem Prakash lifts the bar

When most folks in Addison County hear the name Prem Prakash, they think yoga. The East Middlebury resident has been teaching yoga and meditation in our area for more than 30 years.

Ways of Seeing: Harm prevention is part of healing

Although many Westerners think of yoga as physical exercise, breathing, and stretching, learning yoga philosophy is a key part of the practice. These ancient teachings can help us navigate many difficult aspects of being human.

Yoga is ‘a lifetime journey with lifetime benefits’

Yoga at its essence offers a way to prioritize our wellbeing when we feel overwhelmed by the world around us, believes Joanna Colwell, founder and director of Otter Creek Yoga in Middlebury.

Ways of Seeing: Yoga can, must advance equity

The Yoga Equity Project seeks to provide the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation to everyone, by addressing the inequalities that keep some people from accessing yoga spaces.

Monkton students learn the value of yoga

MONKTON — Yoga and mindful movement has some excellent benefits for children and adults in the classroom. Yoga can help reduce anxiety and improve focus in students.  Some of teachers at Monkton Central School have started using movement and mindful medit … (read more)