2021: We coped with COVID, and life went on

Once again the pandemic was a dominant feature of life in Addison County this year. But even on the public health front there was some good news.

Year in Review: Looking back at the arts & leisure of 2021

Arts + Leisure celebrated its fifth full year in 2021. Twelve months, 52 issues, over 800 pages, all dedicated to arts and events going on in Addison County — and everything happened amidst the pandemic.

Year in Review: 2021 Art exhibits

Here are some of the local art exhibits we covered in Arts & Leisure in 2021.

Year in Review: 15 adopted pets

Here are just 15 of 1,210 animals Homeward Bound served in 2021.

2019: A year in review

Editor’s note: The slower pace in the last week of the year is a good time to look back over the past 12 months and recall where we’ve been before diving into the 12 months ahead of us.  We present this look back at 2019 to help you bring to mind the big … (read more)