Letter to the editor: Right-to-vote act is vital

Sen. Leahy and Sen. Sanders must do everything they can to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, including fixing the filibuster, to realize the fair maps for all.

THT exhibit sheds light on Black voting rights

MIDDLEBURY — Town Hall Theater’s Jackson Galley has for many years showcased works of art that have stirred diverse emotions in those who have seen them.Beginning this past Sunday, Aug. 22, the gallery is the temporary home to a different kind of exhibit … (read more)

Universal mail-in voting OK’d in Vermont

MONTPELIER — Universal mail-in voting is now a permanent feature of Vermont’s general elections, under legislation that Gov. Phil Scott signed Monday. Now, local officials will be required to mail ballots to all registered voters in the weeks leading up t … (read more)

Editorial: Riding coattails, getting credit

Vermont’s Democratic Party has a bone to pick with the national news media: the national media, party officials allege, are giving Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, major kudos for leading an expansion of voting rights in Vermont. It’s a ripe story in the na … (read more)

Editorial: Thanking our lucky stars

Vermont voters should thank their lucky stars they live here and not in Florida, Texas, Arizona and a host of other states where Republican-dominated Legislatures have passed and are passing laws to restrict their citizens’ right to vote. Most of those re … (read more)

Eric Davis: Bill would expand voting rights

Last week the Vermont Senate approved, and sent to the House, a bill that would establish vote-by-mail as a regular part of general elections in Vermont. If the House also approves the bill and Gov. Scott signs it, both of which are very likely, all activ … (read more)

Eric Davis: 2020 is a voting rights opportunity

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in August of that year, just a few months after the “Bloody Sunday” attack by Alabama police on voting rights marchers at the Edmund Pettus Bridge near Selma.  A major provision … (read more)