Collected deer teeth pinpoint accurate age

RUTLAND — Hunters who provided the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department with a tooth from their deer can now find out how old their deer was by visiting the department’s website. A total of 1,966 usable deer teeth were received from successful hunters in 2023. When added to the 952 deer examined by biologists during the youth and regular November seasons, the department was able to get accurate ages for 2,918 deer. This age information helps us estimate deer population size and assess the health of deer.” s … (read more)

Letter to the editor: S.258 is a much-needed change to VF&W board

Although the fish and wildlife of Vermont are held in trust by the state for the benefit of all citizens, the board currently consists only of hunters, trappers, and/or anglers.

Hunting takes center stage at legislative breakfast

Were it not for state Sen. Chris Bray, D-Bristol, Monday’s legislative breakfast at St. Peter’s Parish Hall in Vergennes would have just been called “breakfast.”

Letter to the editor: Fish & Wildlife debate needs to go beyond ‘us vs. them’

It doesn’t have to be this way. Common ground exists in the wildlife debate and what won’t help find it is people yelling at one another.

Letter to the editor: The phrase ‘wildlife advocates’ is a misnomer

Despite what its board members state and prefer us to think, Protect Our Wildlife, the primary organization driving legislative action, is an animal rights organization and should be specifically labeled by the media as such.

Letter to the editor: Fish & Wildlife debate missing larger picture

For background, hunting and fishing are the most important things in my life outside of my family.

Letter to the editor: All beings owed basic rights

I feel that I need to submit these salient thoughts to the discussion regarding Bill S.258, which proposes to make changes in the structure and make-up of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board.

Vt. Fish and Wildlife camps offer hands-on learning

MONTPELIER — If you are 12 to 14 years old and want to learn about Vermont’s wildlife and gain outdoor skills, consider attending one of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s Green Mountain Conservation Camps this summer. Specific details about wheth … (read more)

Vt. Fish & Wildlife develops wetlands restoration intiative

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has developed a new initiative to acquire and restore wetlands in response to funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Lake Champlain Basin Program. “As Vermont Fish and W … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Fish & Wildlife board doesn’t reflect the state

Editor’s note: The writer sent this letter to Gov. Phil Scott and copied the Independent. The current Fish & Wildlife board, that has been primarily assembled by your appointments, consists 100% of hunters and/or trappers, some of whom also own businesses … (read more)

Be smart, preserve insect diversity

VERMONT — Those with an eye to the outdoors will notice wildlife becomes increasingly active as the weather warms. Resident birds fill the morning with song, skunks are once again skulking, and the moths are emerge. As we move into the growing season, one … (read more)