Letter to the editor: Walking the line of misbehaving

I remember as a youngster doing things I knew were wrong or really frowned upon by the adults in my life. I am thinking that you are in the same boat.

Letter to the editor: A hearty toast to dear grandpa

Do you ever wonder why you do the things you do or act the way you do? I have often wondered about those same questions.

Letter to the editor: Avoiding metropolises on a great ‘Southern Adventure’ from Orwell

Recently, my wife, Sharon and I headed south on our own Spring Break. She did all the planning.

Letter to the editor: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Here’s the thing. There are many, many aspects to consider before obtaining a suitable tree.

Letter to the editor: The perils of grocery shopping test one’s mettle

I read somewhere or perhaps someone shared this thought with me: “Shopping, for a man, is equivalent to a combat situation under hot fire!” This is why I should never go shopping.

Letter to the editor: Reflecting on fellow drivers

In spite of current cost of gasoline, there seems to be, and I have noticed, as many cars on the road today, as ever.