Peak tick season is bad; could be worse

Middlebury College Biology Professor David Allen has been studying the county’s tick population since 2016. Although the deer tick is a non-invasive species to North America, it didn’t appear in Vermont until roughly 30 years ago. 

Prevent tick-borne illness

Nothing ruins an outdoor experience like being covered in ticks or, worse yet, finding one attached.

In tick country, take care when raking lawns

There are two schools of thought when it comes to managing leaf litter at this time of year. Some people believe in leaving leaf litter as natural mulch on perennial beds and to provide habitat for beneficial insects. Others believe in removing dead leave … (read more)

Gardening: This ornamental plant may be a ‘tick nursery’

The Rutland Chapter of UVM Extension Master Gardeners has some concerns about a common ornamental plant that you may have on your property. The Japanese barberry is a spiny shrub that in the past 30 years became a popular landscape plant, chosen for its r … (read more)

MALT offers advice on tick safety

MIDDLEBURY — In a recent e-newsletter, The Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) rejoiced at the arrival of warmer weather. But they added, “Unfortunately, the ticks are also waking up and having a great time latching on to unsuspecting hikers and runners.” M … (read more)