How do you convince an unvaccinated person?

“The aide is very good,” Carol Rosenstock said. “She is really attentive to my mother. She’s the one who takes her to appointments, and keeps track of what the doctor said, and if she’s taken her pills. . . . My mom likes her.”Rosenstock lives in Brookline, Mass. Her widowed mother, who has memory issues and who has used a walker since recovering from COVID last spring, lives in New York. The whole family felt fortunate to have such a lovely woman helping mom.But.“She keeps saying she’s not ready to get vac … (read more)

Know the truth about the COVID vaccine

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccines were developed too fast to be safe.FACTS: It’s understandable that people would have this concern. The vaccines were rolled out in record time, two of them using a novel technology. The government entity that led the effort was … (read more)

Hesitant at first, but glad they got the shot

Better late than never, as the saying goes.Massachusetts residents who only recently got immunized against COVID-19 cited a variety of reasons for waiting: a torrent of misinformation on social media, concern that the vaccine would exacerbate preexisting … (read more)