The month in poetry: Across the universe

a light sparkles/ a tiny diamond/ from a house/ across the river/ through winter woods/ the other side of town…

This month in poetry: To drive the fields of heaven

‏I was driving through the fields of Heaven when I realized I was still on Earth,
because Earth was all I had ever known of Heaven and no other place would do
for living forever.

Learn about the life of a poet

Former Middlebury resident Susan Jefts has published a new book of poetry, “Breathing Lessons,” put out by Shanti Arts.

Poet’s corner: At the garden gate

“The roof has come off the church/ and rain is falling in the baptistry.”

Poet’s corner: Most of the time…

Most of the time the dark waters will rise,/ then fall into sun and birdsong, everything/ glistening, vivid as broken glass in fresh mud…

Poet’s Corner: How light travels

I was going to explain why I’m repelled by children/ who have been taught to say all the right things/ about Edward Hopper’s night café—some paintings/ need to be earned and this is one of them— but here,/ instead, are three stanzas about Iceland.

Poet’s corner: A few small stones

It was twilight all day./ Sometimes the smallest things weigh us down,/ small stones that we can’t help/ admiring and palming.

Poet’s corner: The fields of Ripton

A Poet, In a Field Near Robert Frost’s Cabin, Lifts Enormous Boulders with his Mind

Poet’s Corner: A different kind of blue

All that is beautiful/ that slips away––/ a December night/ that before was November/ and September and before that,/ July when days were blue silver/ waves we swam through.

Poet’s corner: This talk of tanagers and trees

If I remember the lake yesterday, the tanager/ deep in the woods, it feels like a memory/ lost in a series of new ones, each singular event/ simply a tanager in a tree. 

Poet’s corner: Look me up in the field guide under blissful

There’s something to be said for banality,/ the way it keeps everything on a level plane,/ one cliché blithely following another/ like cows heading toward the pasture.

Poet’s corner: To follow the light on down

follow sun/ breaking through sky-edged mountains/ into the heart of a stone fruit

This month in poetry: To Raise a Simple Prayer

A saturated meadow,/ Sun-shaped and jewel-small,/ A circle scarcely wider/ Than the trees around were tall…

Poet’s Corner: Tapping, Tapping for Essence

Downy Woodpecker, a small guy,/ pecks at big wood./ A storm is brewing/ and I’m still half a mile from Minerva Hinchey.

Poet’s Corner: The unending dance

These forests/ This mountain/ These trees/ So many trees/ So many lives/ Lifetimes ago