Matthew Dickerson: Three strikes, no photos and the mysterious bowfin

Vermont’s Arrowhead Mountain Lake is the only place I have ever caught a bowfin.

Karl Lindholm: The old man and the puppies

In May, I helped my daughter Jane coach the Monkton Little League farm team — true beginners, five- to eight-year-olds.

Matthew Dickerson: Getting out again: Groton State Forest

It covers 26,164 acres, and it borders or contains eight lakes or ponds big enough to canoe. According to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, that makes Groton State Forest the second largest contiguous land holding in the state

Matthew Dickerson: Of baby bison, brown trout, cutthroats and Cody

We were still within sight of the boat launch where we began our six-mile float down the Shoshone River in Cody, Wyoming.

Karl Lindholm: Middlebury College’s three generations of Smith Family Baseball

Sammy Smith found out five minutes before the first pitch that he was in the starting line-up last Friday in the first game of the NCAA regional baseball tournament in Rochester.

Karl Lindholm: What’s in a name? Hampus Lindholm!

I remember walking into Farrell’s Men’s Store in Middlebury my freshman year in college. Jimmy Farrell, the proprietor, shook my hand and asked my name. I told him and he immediately said, “You’re from Rutland.”

Matthew Dickerson: Ten years of the Rio Frio

“I have a confession to make,” my wife said. “I always imagined that Texas was ugly. But this is really beautiful.”

Karl Lindholm: One play: A steal of home!

On Friday, April 15, the Middlebury College baseball team took on NESCAC archrival Williams in the first game of a big three-game weekend series. 

Matthew Dickerson: A winter (or summer) reading list

These are three very different books to read if you like fish, and also if you are interested in fishing, ecology and culture.

Karl Lindholm: Jackie Robinson’s barrier-breaking opening days

It’s a good thing the baseball bigwigs ended their bickering this spring when they did.

Matthew Dickerson: The delight of catch and release

For years I have been hoping for — and advocating for — year-round fishing in Vermont. Now I have my wish.

Matthew Dickerson: Appreciation and exploitation of nature, Part 2

Delight is an important and oft under-appreciated experience. Delight can even be described as a virtue, in the sense that it is something we can practice, and not merely a feeling we have.

Karl Lindholm: Local baseball, once again!

Understand there was always going to be baseball, even if the Big Boys had not ended their acrimonious standoff.

Matthew Dickerson: Appreciation and exploitation of nature, Part 1: Sacrifice

Near the start of the J.R.R. Tolkien’s three-volume novel “The Lord of the Rings,” the hero Frodo Baggins makes a statement with profound philosophical, moral and environmental implications.

Karl Lindholm: Of jump shots and heroes

I’m so old, I predate the jump shot.


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