Karl Lindholm: Women’s hoop has a record breaker: Alexa Mustafaj

In the quarterfinals of the NESCAC women’s basketball tournament on Feb. 17, Middlebury was down by four in the third quarter to the dreaded Amherst Mammoths. 

Matthew Dickerson: Let’s consider spawning salmon and hydropower without a dam

The phrase “wicked problems” has been around since at least the early 1970s. It refers to challenges that typically have no correct solution, but only different options of tradeoffs and costs: problems for which any proposed solution will have likely nega … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Vermont offers opportunities to see swimmers and creepy crawlies

Earlier this week, my wife and I took our two-year-old grandson B to the ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain to see some fishes and turtles and frogs and snakes.

Karl Lindholm: Sports Illustrated emphasized the ‘writing’ in ‘sports writing’

The school was abuzz when I arrived. Students crowded around me, their enthusiasm barely contained. I was their English teacher and coach — and on this day in February 1975 their hero and exemplar. 

Karl Lindholm: Coach’s course puts sports and its lessons in context

Mike Leonard and Scott Langerman are friends — friends and colleagues. Together, they offered a Winter Term course at Middlebury College this January, “Sports and Society: How Sports Transcend Their Sidelines.” 

Matthew Dickerson: Monkton woman teaches Vt. youths to x-country ski

It was early January 2018, a year we actually had winter. Our Christmas present to our three sons that year was taking them and their significant others on a three-day, two-night, lodge-to-lodge cross-country ski trip at the Appalachian Mountain Club prop … (read more)

Matthew Dickerson: Eruption created awe

Vermonters may have woken up on June 6, 1912, thinking it was a normal day.

Matthew Dickerson: Winter walking in western Maine

There is something magical about sitting atop a ledge looking out over a lake, river, canyon or even just a swath of undeveloped landscape.

Matthew Dickerson: Reflections for a new year

“People learn best when information enters through their peripheral vision, out of the corner of their eye … through stories.” 

Karl Lindholm: Brooks was great, but where’s Ray?

Cornwall’s Roth “T” Tall, consummate Baltimore Oriole fan, opened the Rotary Club meeting at Rosie’s Restaurant with a eulogy for Brooks Robinson.

Matthew Dickerson: Looking back with hope on the past year

I will admit that it’s a bleak Monday morning. Between the rain and the low clouds, I can barely see the hills a half mile from my house. The nearby cornfield looks like one vast puddle.

Karl Lindholm: Mabrey earns athletic immortality at Middlebury College

In the tenth grade, Edie MacAusland started ski racing at the Franconia Ski Club. At a race at the Snow Bowl, she stole a bib and hung it in her bedroom “as a source of inspiration.” 

Matthew Dickerson: Waiting in the woods, and elsewhere

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing the sitting-in-the-woods-waiting-for-large-game-to-pass sort of waiting.

Matthew Dickerson: Thankfulness about being in the outdoors

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the woods lately in my annual attempt to harvest local free-range, antibiotic-free venison.

Matthew Dickerson: River surveys suggests damage to fisheries done by floods

“It was comparable to Tropical Storm Irene. We lost a lot (though not all) of the young-of-year age class.” Austin Galinat, a fisheries scientist with Vermont Fish and Wildlife, was giving me an overview of some of the results of the late summer and early … (read more)