Victor Nuovo: The trial and death of Socrates

In 399 BCE a judicial assembly of the city of Athens found Socrates guilty of impiety and corrupting the youth, and it sentenced him to death.

Victor Nuovo: The Socratic Revolution

Why is Socrates so important? Socrates wrote nothing, so we can’t search a body of writing for answers. And the fact that he was written up by a young admirer, Plato (426–346), who in turn became a great philosopher, perhaps the greatest and surely the gr … (read more)

Victor Nuovo: Death and immortality

Socrates imagined that death is one of two things: Either it is extinction, or the release of the soul from the body and its migration to another place.

Victor Nuovo: Look to our great moral teachers

It is a curious fact that the two greatest moral teachers of the Western intellectual tradition — Socrates of Athens (470–399 BCE) and Jesus of Nazareth (4 BCE–30 CE) — wrote nothing.