Letter to the editor: Logging, including on Snake Mt., boosts biodiversity

“The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department began to acquire land for Snake Mountain WMA in 1959 from the A. Johnson Lumber Company, which has reserved timber rights.”

Letter to the editor: Questions on Snake Mt. work

I was appalled to read the letter from J. Beamish about the destruction on the east side of Snake Mountain due to what looks like unwise logging that has already occurred and is ongoing, so I decided to have a look this morning.

Letter to the editor: Snake Mountain logging follows accepted practices

The letter by J. Beamish dramatically misrepresents what is happening on Snake Mountain on the timber rights that my family owns and have harvested on for many years.

Letter to the editor: Snake Mountain trail is no more

Our favorite approach for walking up the mountain has always been the hiking trail from the east side, which connects with the main trail from the west side a little over halfway to the top. 

Letter to the editor: Ads have no place on trails, no matter their content

This past Sunday morning I took one of my older dogs on a little walk up the first part of the trail up Snake Mountain. We only went up to the T, where you turn left to go on to the summit. Now I live on the mountain, just a ways down from the trailhead a … (read more)

Biologist to lead hikes, share information

ADDISON — Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is continuing its series of free biologist-led educational seminars at the department’s Wildlife Management Areas in September. The walks are led by biologists with decades of experience conserving Vermont’s wi … (read more)