Silver Lake/Falls of Lana parking lot closing for 10 days

Swimming will still be allowed at Silver Lake in Salisbury, but access will be a little more difficult as the parking lot to the Silver Lake trail on Route 53 will be closed June 19-28, and July 15-16.Independent file photo SALISBURY/LEICESTER — The U.S. Forest Service will temporarily close the heavily used Silver Lake / Falls of Lana parking lot off Route 53 / Lake Dunmore Road in Salisbury for 10 days beginning this week. The parking area will be barricaded prior to a paving and expansion project that wi … (read more)

Forest Service denies Silver Lake hut but affirms Moosalamoo is an appropriate site

Proposed site for overnight hut is denied, but search for another site encouraged.

Community Forum: Silver Lake hut scope clarified

I want to share some facts about the proposed Silver Lake Hut in Leicester.

Letter to the editor: Silver Lake hut would harm wilderness

I am very much against your proposal to construct a Silver Lake hut. I believe wilderness campsites should be a discovery, not a destination; at most I would advocate for a log lean-to.

Letter to the editor: Silver Lake is the wrong choice for hut location

Let me start by saying that I respect and support the idea of a hut system linking the recreational trail systems throughout Vermont; however, I believe that Silver Lake is not a good choice for the following reasons.

Letter to the editor: Backcountry hut innapropriate for Silver Lake

Context is important to the conversation about the appropriateness of a ‘backcountry hut’ (is that an oxymoron?) and the lack of such context is clearly evident in the recent letter by Eben Punderson on behalf of the Moosalamoo Association.

Some locals voice opposition to proposed Silver Lake hut

For the most part, the meeting was peaceable enough, although there were moments when opposing viewpoints threatened to derail the affable pretense of the occasion.

Letter to the editor: Responding to concerns about Silver Lake hut

In brief, it would be a 1.5-story backcountry primitive hut that will accommodate up to 10 people, year-round, located on the east side of Silver Lake about 315 feet from the shore and not visible from the shoreline during months with tree foliage.

Letter to the editor: Proposed hut has no place at Silver Lake

I just returned from the public informational meeting about the “hut” which is proposed to be built at Silver Lake, and I find myself both more opposed to the project than I was before I attended, and somewhat disillusioned.

Silver Lake hut hearing set for June 8

A public hearing on the construction of a hut near Silver Lake in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area is set for next Wednesday, June 8, at 6 p.m. in the downstairs function room of Café Provence in Brandon.

Letter to the editor: Proposed lodge would despoil Silver Lake’s beauty

The Green Mountain National Forest Service is expected to decide on a plan for establishing a profit-generating “lodging opportunity” on Silver Lake this summer.