Senate rejects Gov. Scott’s effort to restructure Act 250 review

The Vermont Senate on Feb. 4 voted to reject an executive order issued by Gov. Phil Scott to restructure the state’s process for reviewing Act 250 land use permits. The order, signed by the governor last month, would give more power to the state’s Natural Resources Board, which reviews development projects under the state’s half-century-old land use law. It would reduce the board from five to three members and also remove permit review and decision-making authority from the state’s nine Act 250 district com … (read more)

Senate leader vies for lieutenant governor job

BRISTOL — Vermont Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe has spent the past four years collecting and reviewing each of 30 state senators’ individual visions for the future of the state, and then coalescing them into legislative priorities he hopes can deliver … (read more)

Senate bill would regulate bear hounds

MONTPELIER — Five months after a pair of hikers and their puppy were attacked by bear-hunting hounds in the Green Mountain National Forest in Goshen, the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy has taken up a wide-ranging Fish & Wildlife omnibus … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ‘Shake-up’ in U.S. Senate needed for democracy

Wake Up America! It is the McConnell Republican engine that grants the fuel for Trump’s engine. Think beyond disliking Trump to what gives him power and protections. Apart from his love of Putin and felons, he is laughable; but laughing won’ts do the job … (read more)

Letter to the editor: GOP backer knocks Senate

Having been a life-long Republican, I was very disappointed by our Republican Senators in the impeachment process. I am not a Trump supporter and never was. The way he treats people and insults Americans and our allies. The wall between Mexico and the Uni … (read more)