Study group backs Mt. Abe-ANWSD merger

The committee that has been studying the possibility of merging the Bristol-area Mount Abraham Unified School District and Vergennes-area Addison Northwest School District has decided that, yes, those two districts should become one.

Letter to the editor: Let MAUSD & ANWSD explore collaborations first

Starksboro voters recently dealt a lethal, if not fatal, blow to the aspirations of a regional merger study committee to impose a full governance merger of the Mt. Abe and Addison Northwest school districts. In a stunning vote tally of 221 to 0, Starksbor … (read more)

Mt. Abe, ANWSD begin school merger talks

BRISTOL/VERGENNES — Addison County’s two northern unified school districts made it official on Monday night: They will pursue a formal study to look at whether they should merge. At an unprecedented joint meeting, the Mount Abraham Unified and Addison Nor … (read more)

Barnard to vote on merging into bigger school district

WOODSTOCK — Nearly a year after the State Board of Education made the final call on reorganizing and consolidating school districts under Act 46, one holdout district has decided to put a merger proposal before its residents – by choice. Barnard school of … (read more)