Bristol resident takes steps to create a greener home

After residing in older homes, Sally Jenks Roth knew that when she moved into a home in Bristol that was only a decade old, it would be more efficient to heat and cool simply because of the newer construction.

Letter to the editor: Affordable heat act is a step in the right direction

In reading the back-and-forth comments about the Affordable Heat Act, S.5, I hear the frustrations of many voices.

Letter to the editor: USFS logging proposal would have negative impacts

I wish to comment on the informative op ed by Howard Jennings on Feb. 16th, 2023 about the effort to sequester carbon in old and mature forests in Vermont and nationwide.

Letter to the editor: Vermont and U.S. are living with a broken health care system

Healthcare costs, the stranglehold of insurance companies and big pharma add to a broken system of healthcare in Vermont and throughout the country.