State conserves Cornwall parcel

The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife will soon acquire and conserve 91 acres on the west side of Cornwall’s West Street, land that will be added to the already protected Lemon Fair Wildlife Management Area.

Slow down for frogs and salamanders

MONTPELIER — Vermont Fish and Wildlife is asking drivers to slow down and be cautious when travelling at night in early spring or to take alternate routes to avoid driving near ponds and wetlands where salamanders and frogs are crossing during their breed … (read more)

The outside story: The secret lives of salamanders

On a warm, rainy April night a few years ago, I drove up our muddy, rutted dirt road through the mist, steering around the wood frogs hopping across the road. As I approached the vernal pool, there were more frogs in the road, so I parked to avoid hitting … (read more)