Robert Frost at age 150 is still worthy of recollection

For around five decades, Jay Parini has returned to Frost’s poems as a reader, a fellow writer, an academic and a biographer. He spent more than 20 of those years poring over Frost’s work and interviewing those close to the poet to compile his 1999 biography “Robert Frost: A Life.” 

Local poet makes good at Town Hall Theater

Literary historian Kim Roberts recently told the Washington Post that Vermont is the American state with the highest proportion of writers.

Mending Wall and Yankee Friendship

Many of the poems of Robert Frost, the Bard of Ripton, are celebrations and deliberations on seasonal change in this part of the world.

This month in poetry: To Raise a Simple Prayer

A saturated meadow,/ Sun-shaped and jewel-small,/ A circle scarcely wider/ Than the trees around were tall…