RNESU chief Collins retiring at year’s end

After 41 years as an educator, including 17 years as a superintendent, Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union Superintendent Jeanné Collins announced her resignation.

RNESU welcomes 57 new employees

BRANDON — Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union this fall introduced 57 new employees who are working throughout the district in all capacities. This is a higher than usual cohort of new employees, Superintendent Jeanne Collins said.Federal COVID funds are … (read more)

RNESU piloting limited pre-K voucher lottery

BRANDON — The RNESU is piloting a preK Voucher Lottery for 5 children during the 2021-2022 school year. This is a one-year tuition subsidy for preK in an approved center outside of the district’s eight towns.According to Supt. Jeanne Collins, any child at … (read more)

Some RNeSU remote learning students are MIA

BRANDON — You can lead a student to the laptop and provide them with free WiFi, but you can’t make them log on. That is the bottom line for the handful of Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union students who are learning remotely, but not logging on or connec … (read more)

Vermonters get a new tool to estimate their education property tax bills

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Department of Taxes has created an education property tax estimator tool for the 2021-2022 property tax year (FY22). The tool was created to help taxpayers understand the impact of their budget vote on Town Meeting Day and to help … (read more)

County schools to reopen – with some twists

UPDATED to include the new opening date for Vermont schools. ADDISON COUNTY & BRANDON — It will be “back to school” in the truest sense of the phrase in Addison County this fall, albeit with a few twists. The Addison Central, Addison Northwest and Mount A … (read more)

RNeSU to launch school threat assessment program

BRANDON — Brandon-area schools are taking “See something, say something” to the next level in handling student threats to schools and classmates. That’s good news for parents concerned about procedure and Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union school officia … (read more)

Meet the new faculty, staff at RNESU schools

BRANDON — As the new school year started this past Wednesday, students saw some new faces in the classrooms of the Brandon-area schools. These new faces are the dedicated faculty and staff that greet students every morning. These individuals spent many da … (read more)