Ripton commits to leave school district in 2023

The Ripton School District board last week voted unanimously to stick to a path that would make the community’s new preK-12 school system operational during the summer of 2023, rather than waiting until 2024.

Planning intensifies for a new Ripton school district

Very preliminary budget modeling by the Ripton School District board indicates the town might be able to run its own K-12 public education system for an education property tax rate of $2.06 per $100 in property value during the 2023-2024 academic year — t … (read more)

Ripton OKs budgets & elects new officers

Ripton residents on Monday, May 9, approved all of the financial items at their annual town gathering, and then went to the polls the next day to decide contested races for the selectboard and town constable.

Ripton town meeting to offer budget votes, races

Ripton residents will gather for a belated annual town meeting on Monday, May 9, to decide fiscal year 2023 budgets for their town, highway and school services, and then go to the polls on Tuesday, May 10, to elect two additional school board members and … (read more)

Spirit in Nature to honor beekeeper Ross Conrad

The Spirit in Nature (SpIN) annual meeting will honor Ross Conrad of Dancing Bee Gardens, Middlebury, with its Eco-Spirit Award for 2022 on Sunday, March 20, from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Ripton Community House. 

Challengers unseat ACSD incumbents

An Addison Central School District board election firmly rooted in the debate over the future of small rural schools culminated in wins on Tuesday for two outspoken advocates for keeping all of the ACSD’s elementary schools open.

Letter to the editor: There’s another side to the Ripton school argument

Defining a community: Is it a town or a school district? When is a small elementary school too small?

Letter to the editor: McGlashan a dedicated public servant

It is a critical time to ensure our school boards are led by dedicated public servants committed to meeting the needs of all students. Amy McGlashan is such a person.

Letter to the editor: Lincoln official addresses ‘misinformation’ circulating in MAUSD

As Lincoln withdraws from Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD), there is misinformation that is circulating in the community.

Letter to the editor: H.493 means more Ed Board power, less local voice

In my opinion, Act 46 was intended specifically to bring about the closing of small towns’ schools in Vermont, despite what the text of the law itself states.

Editorial: We agree: Fix Act 46

In a commentary last week that rebutted our editorial, State Board of Education Chair Oliver Olsen took us to task for suggesting the SBE had more leeway to rule on Ripton’s behalf and he denied the SBE was “targeting small schools for consolidation.”

As Ripton prepares for school independence, state officials consider Act 46 changes

Unable to obtain school services elsewhere, Ripton administrators are considering rejoining the district. And now, state officials and lawmakers are trying to make sure another departure like Ripton’s doesn’t happen again.

Letter to the editor: Editorial didn’t understand law on schools

Unfortunately, Mr. Lynn’s editorial in the same edition missed the mark with an opinion that was based on a flawed understanding of Vermont education law and the powers of the State Board of Education.

Ripton readies for new educational future

Ripton school officials said they’ll try to make the best of what they believe was an incorrect decision by the Vermont State Board of Education on Jan. 19 to designate the town its own supervisory district.

Editorial: Small towns vs. state board: Only one’s on target

Ripton’s Molly Witters is right on target; State Board of Education Chair Oliver Olsen is not. 


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