Porky’s BBQ pavilion is in violation

NEW HAVEN — The New Haven Development Review Board has concluded that a pavilion built by Porky’s Backyard BBQ and Smokehouse, at 7404 Route 7, is in violation of its business permit. The board plans to issue a written decision by Dec. 2. In August, New Haven zoning administrator Aaron Brown issued the restaurant a Notice of Zoning Violation for using its outdoor pavilion without a certificate of occupancy, serving alcohol in that pavilion without a license, and hosting more events per month in the pavilion … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Neighbors say Porky’s is too loud

Throughout the spring, summer and fall of this year, neighbors of Lonie Parker’s Porky’s Backyard BBQ on Route 7 in New Haven have endured excessive noise from the backyard, open-air roadhouse constructed behind the restaurant in the spring of this year b … (read more)

Porky’s Backyard BBQ cited for violations

NEW HAVEN — The town of New Haven has cited Porky’s Backyard BBQ & Smokehouse for three alleged violations of its business permit. According to the Aug. 23 Notice of Zoning Violation (NoV) letter written by New Haven zoning administrator Aaron Brown to Po … (read more)