Restaurants, hotels begin to open up

ADDISON COUNTY — Whether you are an avid restaurant goer, or prefer to cook at home, it is hard to not feel concern for the restaurants and lodging services that have taken a serious financial hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some restaurants were able to shift their services to takeout and have remained flexible as regulations have lifted, others had closed completely and have just recently reopened under limited circumstances. Those circumstances were updated this past Friday, June 5, by Gov. Phil … (read more)

Health & Wellbeing: If you’re going to ‘cleanse,’ read up and take care

You’ve probably heard of “cleansing.” Maybe your hip aunt swears by them, or you’ve seen bloggers raving about their green juice detox with amazing results, or maybe a best friend tried one once but it didn’t do much. Whatever you’ve heard, perhaps the th … (read more)

Back in business … a little bit

SHOREHAM — As COVID-19 has closed bigger retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, lodges and inns across Vermont and the country, it’s also affected the hundreds smaller bed and breakfasts and country inns scattered throughout Vermont and New England. … (read more)

Navigating college through the COVID-19 pandemic

My eyes track slowly across a blurry screen as my professor quizzes us on Spanish vocab between bouts of lost internet connection. Regardless, classmates don’t seem to be paying much attention. They are frozen in their own blue light haze after what has f … (read more)