Letter to the editor: Vaccines are made by people

I don’t know why the polio vaccines ended up being named after individuals, whereas others have not. Perhaps if the COVID vaccine were named after someone, it would seem more acceptable, rather than being produced by “Big Pharma.”

Letter to the editor: Anti-vax beliefs are not new

I am writing in response to Claire Corkins’ “Ways of Seeing” article and to Alden Harwood’s letter to the editor concerning vaccinations. I am of the polio generation, and I have known people who got it.

Ways of seeing: Polio generation trusted the vaccine

My father recalled a day during elementary school when all the kids from the school were taken down to the Town Hall, and everyone was given a polio vaccine.

Middlebury Rotary marks World Polio Day; the disease’s eradication has been a global Rotary mission for decades

MIDDLEBURY — Local Rotarians were out on Middlebury’s Court Square last Saturday, a damp, cool fall day, to mark World Polio Day and bring attention to another virus that has plagued the world since the early 1800s. The coronavirus is our current epidemic … (read more)