Letter to the editor: Poison parsnip a menace; a neighbor took action

As we all know now, walkers and hikers moving around Central Vermont have a new hazard in Poison Parsnip, which looks like a yellow Queen Anne’s Lace.

Letter to the editor: Poison parsnip is spreading

I’m writing about Poison Parsnip. I’m beginning to see my yard (along the street side) filling up with it. Last summer the town mowers did not mow as far as my property, as they had in previous years, giving these plants a chance to seed and grow. Now I’m … (read more)

Monkton fights the ‘Wild Parsnip Battle’

MONKTON — “Is it weird to find it therapeutic?” asked Whitney Leighton earlier this month, after she had spent an evening helping pull up wild parsnip in Morse Park, near Monkton Central School. Leighton is one of 16 or 17 Monkton residents who have at on … (read more)