Letter to the editor: We will be alright

As I sit here, a grandmother and a great-grandmother, in the middle of this pandemic, a time we have never had to deal with before, I watch how it affects so many. There are so many questions, so many fears, so many rules to get used to, it’s frustrating and hard for all of us, especially the little children. A time of no playmates, no play dates, school at home, no times to go out and eat or go to a movie, and so many rules. As difficult as it is for us, imagine what it’s like to be an active seven-year-ol … (read more)

Poetry: I’m Ashamed

I am ashamed at what has been happening in our nation lately, disregard for human life, property and safety.   I am ashamed at being born white, living in an affluent community, attending a proper New England boarding school, attending an Ivy League Unive … (read more)

Poetry: Housebound

Lucy Poduschnik, a seventh grade student at Middlebury Union Middle School wrote these two poems, Her words reflect the experience that she and many of her peers are having during the COVID-19 pandemic.    Housebound   I glance out the window hoping to se … (read more)

A local poet finds inspiration in isolation

MIDDLEBURY —  Miriam Hardy has spent the majority of her 84 years writing poetry. Like her great-aunt and her mom before her, Hardy has enjoyed writing odes to people, places and things that inspire her. But her world has shrunk considerably since the cor … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Loss of my senior year

7:00 o’Clock  Pajamas on and belly full  I sat on the edge of my bed  Learning the news of my year half written  Boatloads of posts and texts and sadness Seniors crying and parents disappointed  but glad to hold on just a bit longer    How do you feel the … (read more)

Poetry: The Space Between

    The space between The night and day The middle ground that does not stay   In the day, the shining sun pierces through my squinting eyes. Heat burns my thoughts and melts my integrity, as my body slowly fries.   In the night, the moon does naught, to … (read more)

Poetry: 2020 Plague

(Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) – Chipman Hill – 4/7/20)   I sing these trails of my homeland, with elegiac footfalls  on layers of fallen foliage. A green-yellow striped garden snake  slithers and crinkles over dried leaves then freezes in camouflage.  We … (read more)

Poet’s Corner: An unexpected music

Unlocking But it is not always quiet here. Things go on while we sleep the sleep of soldiers. Ancient branches crack and splinter into dust. Large wings snap open in spring like carpets splayed out over the railing. Granite splits apart at the seams and g … (read more)

Poetry: Cynanthropic Daze

We have all become our dogs it seems, Stirring at first light To these Groundhog Day mornings, All is the same and all is different So eager for that first walk The chance of possibility, We sniff the fecund smells Of earth, lichen Moss, We give tree-dist … (read more)

‘Consolation’ – A poem by Gary Margolis

Consolation Don’t expect my friend Karl Lindholm to be sitting next to you at the end of a close basketball game. The clock winding down to red, double zeros. Don’t be surprised if you find him, across the gym, near the free nosebleed seats, chatting and … (read more)

Poetry: Everyone in the world

I could be thinking of almost anyone Today it’s the midfielder who has to say Goodbye to his teammates, without   Having played half of the season. Who has to wave a virtual farewell. Without a high-five. Touching   Sticks at the end of a game. A sign Tha … (read more)

Rajnii Eddins performs poetry in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — The Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society in Middlebury will join the local chapter of SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) to present an important and powerful poetry reading and discussion with Rajnii Eddins on Monday, March 16. E … (read more)

Poetry: Write-in

I’m running for the first time for First Constable in my town of Cornwall   Vermont. Sue Johnson, our Town Clerk, tells me the duties are non-existent,   if not minimal. In fact, she says, the Select Board doesn’t allow the constable   to do anything. No … (read more)

Ted Scheu’s poem to be preserved in concrete

MIDDLEBURY — Ted Scheu, by his own count, has written thousands of poems in his 65 years. The prolific writer, educator and children’s poet has a flair for putting words together. And he playfully notes that “Ted Scheu” rhymes with “poetry guy.” Well, the … (read more)

Poet’s Corner: A song for winter

Winter’s Delicate Solitude   This is the closing-in time of year: The weary earth rests, leans back and retires; Pine-quilted hills guard the brink of the world, Horizons now strangely attainable. The sky yawns, heavy-lidded and colored With sleep, and lo … (read more)